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Seuss-Themed Shower April 12, 2014

Last weekend, I co-hosted a baby shower for my friend and mom-to-be Krista.  She’s a fellow educator, and there were going to be a lot of friends from her school attending the shower, so I enlisted my talented and creative mom to help me come up with an appropriate theme.  She relayed some information from a friend who had just hosted a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower, and I thought this could not be a better fit!

The other co-hostess and I had an absolute blast running with this theme.  We tried to keep everything fresh, colorful, and whimsical.  Krista doesn’t know what the gender of the baby is going to be (they’re waiting it out for a big surprise!), so the colors of our theme lent themselves perfectly toward a gender-neutral feel at the event.

The Decor:

It’s good to know talented people.  My friend Brittany over at Perpetually Daydreaming has an Etsy shop where she sells stunning, high-quality printables for announcements and invitations.  She created a custom listing for me that included an incredible banner welcoming baby, cards to put by my themed book-signing stations, and more!  We bought some fun succulents (they felt Seuss-y) and put stakes with Dr. Seuss quotes in them (these were also used as favors for the winners of our games).  I created 4 “decor centers” that included books for guests to sign and write a message to mom and baby.  They included: Fox in Sox, The Lorax (I had a lot of fun making that tree out of a metal pot from Ikea, green and pink Easter basket shredding, pink tissue paper, a styrofoam craft ball, and a thick wooden stake), The Cat in the Hat, and One Fish, Two, Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  Then to fill in the holes and make the whole space feel themed, we got some balloons in traditional Dr. Seuss colors.

ImageImageThe Food:

We kept things simple and brunchy.  People were coming and going throughout the event, so we wanted things to be easy for people to eat as they pleased.  We did deviled eggs, chicken salad with croissants, marinated cheese and crackers, a veggie tray, and bruschetta toasts.

ImageFor dessert, I crafted some ‘green eggs and ham’ pretzel bites.  Think of them like a reworked version of those pretzel kisses everyone makes around the holidays.  I bought waffle pretzels, white chocolate Reese’s mini cups, and M&Ms (I had to sort through for all the green ones!).  I spread out my pretzels on a wax-paper lined plate, placed a Reese’s cup on top, microwaved them for 45 seconds, and stuck green M&Ms on the top of each one. I put a few into each polka-dotted dessert/nut cup from Hobby Lobby and set them out on a dessert tray.

The cake was my favorite part, though, I had so much fun making it!  I used a white cake recipe from I am Baker and Martha Stewart’s classic buttercream frosting recipe.  When I separated the batter for my 2 cake pans, I dyed half of it red and half blue so when the cake was cut open it would be a fun Seuss-y surprise.  Once the cake was frosted, I cut out different size colored fondant dots to give it a whimsical feel on the outside, too!  I got that adorable plate you see peeking out from under the cake on clearance at Hobby Lobby…I couldn’t pass up the chance to go polka-dot-crazy…there aren’t many chances an almost-30-year-old gets to do that anymore.

ImageThe Activities:

In her amazing set of custom-created printables, Brittany also made me a BINGO card for people to fill out before gifts were opened.  Guests had to fill out gifts they thought the mom-to-be would receive, and as they were opened they would get marked on the card until someone got BINGO.  Everyone had a LOT of fun with this one, and it took a little pressure off Krista because people weren’t just staring at her while she opened gifts.  Brittany also created a Dr. Seuss book fill in the blank game that really stumped our guests (I’m bummed that I forgot to take a picture of this one, but you can always go to her shop to ask her to see it!).  We set up a onesie decorating station in another room with fabric paints and cute stamps and stencils, and when guests had created their onesies we displayed them on a clothesline around the room for all to see.  Now Krista has some fun onesies in all sizes for baby!  Finally, by the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish book signing setup, there was a fishbowl of Swedish Fish that guests had to take their best guess at.  The winner got to take the bowl of goodies home.

ImageThe Drinks:

Since the mom-to-be couldn’t partake in cocktails, I did a non-alcoholic drink and a champagne punch.

Mango Pineapple Champagne Cocktail (punch serves 20-30 guests):

  • 3 bottles of your favorite prosecco
  • 1 bottle of mango juice
  • Pineapple slices and raspberries as garnish

Non-Alcoholic Peach Sparkling Punch (punch serves 10-20 guests):

  • 1 carton of peach juice
  • 1 bottle of sparkling apple cider
  • 4 oz. grenadine

ImageI found those fun striped straws in perfect colors at Hobby Lobby, so even our drink station could be themed!

The Favors:

My co-hostess took this one on, and made take-home baggies of “Hop on Popcorn.” They turned out adorable, and the best thing is people can devour it and not have another ‘thing’ to take home as a favor.  Brittany created that adorable framed farewell sign for us to tie it all together.




3 Responses to “Seuss-Themed Shower”

  1. I spy some washi tape clothes pins! Just noticed those. 🙂 You did an amazing job with this shower! Everything looks so cute! Love the succulents too!!

    • Uncharted Says:

      Yes, you do spy them! I had bought cheap frames and one fell apart the night before for the book signing cards, so I improvised and thought those washi tape pins were seussified enough to do the job right 🙂

  2. […] I’m also in love with my friend Sarah’s party planning skills. Sarah (who blogs over at Uncharted Chicago) co-hosted the most adorable Dr. Seuss themed baby shower for one of her friends and wrote the sweetest review of the printables I made for her (Thanks Sar!). Sarah is one of the best party planners I know and always has cute and creative ideas. You have to see how she incorporated succulents into the decor and all the cute details she added! Here’s a little sneak peek, but check it the rest of the details here. […]

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