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Grown-Up Easter Egg Hunt April 19, 2014

Tomorrow Jonathan and I are heading to Jeff and Krista’s house for a friends’ Easter brunch. Krista and I put together a brunch 2 years ago for all our Colorado friends and had a blast, so we thought we should make it happen again before the baby arrives!

Easter just isn’t Easter without an egg hunt. Let’s be honest, when you were a kid you dreamt of being the person who found the most eggs, spending hours strategizing about how your hunt would progress. The egg I looked forward to the most growing up was the one that had the ‘coupon’ in it for the giant 40-flavor box of Jelly Belly jellybeans. My cousins and I would spend the rest of the day blindly flavor testing each other, coming up with the grossest concoctions and combinations of buttered popcorn and jalapeno.

How do you make an Easter egg hunt fun for adults? Well, if you Google it, you come up with a lot of raunchy and drinking-related ideas. I wanted to keep this egg hunt at least on the verge of classy, though, so certain items were definitely a no-go on my search. Our last egg hunt consisted of color-coded eggs for everyone, and each person got 3. This year, however, I thought I’d up the anty a bit. The gents in our group are going to love a bit of healthy competition this year. Here’s how our egg hunt will work:
1) Each person will get a fun polka-dotted carry out container instead of a basket to collect their eggs in.
2) All of the eggs will be white, except 2 specials, a silver and a gold.
3) Every egg will have a number in it, 1, 2, or 3 (but nobody will know what the numbers mean!)
4) You can take as many eggs as you find, you aren’t restricted to any number of eggs.
5) Once you find them, you can open them to see what numbers you have.
6) If you want to blindly trade, steal, or barter for eggs with others, you can (but remember, nobody knows which numbers hold the good treats!).
7) Once all trading is complete, you trade each number in for a prize from that basket. The carry out container now becomes your goodie bag.


#1- The high-level prizes: keychain bottle openers & shooters
#2- The mid-level prizes: mini hot sauces & Ghiradelli chocolate squares
#3- The novice-level prizes: Reese’s peanut butter eggs and Peeps (because it wouldn’t be right to have an egg hunt without some traditional Easter candy in the mix…even grown-ups like to indulge in the classics)
Silver: Chocolove chocolate bar pack
Gold: 6-pack of beer

For fun and inexpensive egg prizes, hit up World Market (they have good candy at reasonable prices, minis of coffees, teas, sauces, and jams, and fun drink accessories to spice things up).




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