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Uncharted Gift: Cocktail Dice & Creation Kit April 25, 2014

This week I’m featuring not a gift I have given, but one I received.  My friend Hollice got very creative with a gift for me, and gave me something so fun to use: cocktail dice and a cocktail creation kit!  You can find the dice on Uncommon Goods’ website.   It includes 8 dice to get your mixology skills rolling and keep your taste buds guessing!


You roll the 6 ingredient dice to get a random mix of flavors including: juices, spirits, sodas, add-ons, and spices.  Then, you can eliminate up to 2 to create your cocktail (this is a good rule to abide by, since not all of the flavors are meant to go together).  Once you have your cocktail recipe figured out, roll the other 2 dice to decide how your specialty cocktail should be served.  Believe me, we are no mixologists at our house; we typically refrain from experimentation unless we have little to choose from in our fridge.  But this has made us think out of the box a bit and has opened my eyes to trying fun new cocktails.  One of my favorite combos I’ve gotten so far (which I’m excited to enjoy on the deck over hot summers) is vodka, tonic water, pomegranate juice (I never thought much about putting this in my cocktails until now), a splash of simple syrup, shaken with a garnish of lemon twist.  It’s very refreshing and not too sweet.

Hollice was super sweet and also gave me a box of all kinds of fun minis to get me started on my new mixology adventure.


This is a fun and very creative gift for any cocktail-lovers in your life, so next time you’re looking for an uncharted gift idea, this may be the way to go!



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