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Getting My Green Thumb Ready April 30, 2014

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Matt and I have been getting our backyard ready all of April. With this winter who can blame us wanting to spend our nights outside by the fire pit! We’re ready for s’mores and beer outside above 70! But even though we haven’t quite hit the 70’s yet, it’s been nice enough to get outside and get a little dirty. One area in the backyard I wanted to work on specifically are my gardening areas.

Last year I tried my hand at tomatoes, peppers and a few herbs. Regarding the herbs, I planted chives which are annuals and they came back wonderfully. So great that we’ve already snipped a few for meals.

Chive Plant

Chive Plant


As for the rest from last year, the peppers did well but the tomatoes not good at all. This was because garden location number one is next to the house and is primarily in shade and tomatoes love sun. This year I’m planning to move the tomatoes to garden area number two.

My first order of business two weeks ago was to remove any debris left from the fall, mostly leaves and twigs that were covered by snow. I couldn’t believe how many leaves we still had in our backyard! We filled up 6 full leaf bags and I promise, we raked multiple times last fall. With that complete I put down a weed killer to kill off anything that already had started to grow and to discourage future weeds. We purchase RoundUp because it does the job well and is reasonably priced at our local hardware store. All you have to do then after you spray is wait.

This past weekend, was step two in getting the gardens ready. Out from the garage came my gardening gloves and small spade to finally destroy and remove the dead weeds. Once that was done I tilled both gardens to make sure the soil was ready for seeds. In the area last year where I planted the tomatoes and peppers, I’m trying out cucumbers and green beans.


Garden Area #1

With the cooler weather this week, I’m waiting until closer to mother’s day to plant the tomatoes, and whatever else I find that sounds like a good idea at the gardening store. Or, let’s be honest, whatever else is on sale!

Garden Area #2

Garden Area #2


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  1. Uncharted Says:

    The main ingredient of Roundup, glyphosate is something my company makes! Not sure if ours specifically is in there, but we make a lot of it!

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