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A Weekend in St. Louis May 7, 2014

This past weekend was spent in the Gateway to the West, St. Louis. Matt, Porter and I went down to visit Matt’s best friend Ken. St. Louis is one charming city. Not as big as Chicago but still boasts plenty of personality in its downtown as well as lots of amazing craft beer.

We arrived late Friday night, but not too late to hit one of our favorite breweries – Perennial Artisan Ales. Their open patio even allows dogs, so Porter was able to enjoy his first brewery visit.

Porter and Matt

Porter and Matt


We ordered chips and cheese curds to complement a few samplings of beer. The beer list for the night including Sump Coffee Stout, Barrel Aged Sump Coffee Stout, Aira, and Sasion de Lis. All beers were amazing and we cannot wait to see what Perennial brings up to Beer Under Glass!

Our main mission for the weekend took place on Saturday and the focus was yard work. Ken recruited us and of course Porter, to dig. And dig we did. Ken wanted yard trim placed around 10 arborvitae trees he planted last fall. After a trip to Home Depot we were ready to get started. The first hedge took about an hour to figure out but by the third we had our system set and we were averaging under 20 minutes per tree! We were able to get all ten trees done in one day. And after all of that hard work it was time to hit up another brewery.

The second brewery stop of the weekend was to Urban Chestnut. Last time we visited we hit up the Midtown location. We loved the outdoor beer garden and authentic German feel. Ken informed us that UC opened up a new location in the Grove so we decided to check it out. The open “beirhall” is massive with tons of communal style seating and one huge bar.

Urban Chestnut Brewery's Bierhall

Urban Chestnut Brewery’s Bierhall

The new location even boasts a lovely outdoor patio with more communal seats. We pretty much gorged ourselves on their menu. We shared everything including brats, fries, soft pretzels, beignets, deviled eggs and pork sandwiches. (Can you tell we were hungry?) The food was AMAZING.

Our round 2 of food from UC

Our round 2 of food from UC


Everything we tried we loved. The beer was equally delicious. I enjoyed a supreme cider and a farmhouse ale.

For dessert we went to Schlafly, yes another brewery. Ken promised me the best dessert in St. Louis and he delivered. The server brought out one of the largest pieces of sticky-toffee pudding in my life. With a side of fresh cream we dug in. And of course, we ordered a few beers. I definitely want to grab dinner or lunch sometime at Schlafly since the dessert was so good. Guess I know what we’re going to do next time we visit!



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