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May Madness May 7, 2014

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Today I don’t have anything in particular to write about.  I’m just going to chatter a bit instead of my usual recipe, project, or weekend update. Today was in the 60’s in Chicago and tomorrow it’s supposed to reach the 80’s.  Most people are excited about this, but I dread that large of a temperature swing for fear of getting a bad headache or migraine.  Besides I don’t like being hot, I’d prefer something around 75 or so.  If anyone is listening that can do something about it, please make an adjustment.  Thanks it’s greatly appreciated 😉

It’s been a bit crazy in my life lately, and part of it is my new commitment to working out again.  I pretty much gave up completely on any sort of exercise after my foot surgery, but now that it’s been 2 years I feel like it’s not a good excuse.  I went to the doctor today for my annual checkup and learned I put on a few pounds since last year.  That is two years in a row for me!  I don’t like this trend.  The doctor said I am still in a healthy range, but I don’t really feel my best so I plan to do something about it.  For the last two months I was doing hammocks and hula hoops which were more fun exercise that made me feel like I wasn’t even exercising.  This month I am doing a class called Demi-Bar Pilates.  Their website describes the exercise as, ‘Based on the fundamentals of Pilates, but with added intensity and focus on lower body.’  I’ve only had two classes so far, but they are extremely hard work and I hope to be stronger soon.  Here is the beautiful studio the class is held in:


In other news, I have revised aspiration # 20 on my 2014 list-Collect pieces, design a layout , and hang up a collage wall in my living room.  Instead of putting the collage wall in my living room I’m going to put that in my bedroom and I’ll use an idea I got from Pinterest for the living room.  I’d rather just show the whole thing at once so I’ll wait until I have it all finished before I share any details.  I also finally decided on and purchased a desk so I can work on aspiration #25-create a workspace in my new bedroom.  Luckily I had Dave with me at Target and he carried it for me from the store to the car and then up into my apartment- what a sweetheart huh?  Here is what it looks like. Now I’m on a mission to find the perfect office chair to go with it.

white desk


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  1. […] I bought a new desk and chair (both from Target) and I also added some artwork.  I try to not accumulate junk on the chair and surface of the desk so I will have room to work, but that is a work in progress! […]

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