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Food Passport May 13, 2014

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After I moved in September, Dave and I started checking out all the restaurants we’ve never been to before in my new town.  He mentioned it might be cool to keep a list of where we’ve gone so we could make sure to hit all the possibilities.  Not too long ago I was perusing Pinterest and found a Pin for a ‘Food Passport.’  The site it came from (thespottedfox.com) apparently doesn’t work anymore, otherwise I would link it for you.  It was exactly what Dave had been talking about but in a little book format!  I went to Michaels and found a little pocket notebook that was in their dollar bin.  {By the way if you didn’t realize that Michael’s has a dollar bin, you really should check it out sometime.  Some of stuff is cheesy, but I usually find something useful in there and it’s of course only a dollar!} passport Moving along with my story…I got the notebook and then proceeded to look on my town’s website.  Luckily they have an alphabetized list of restaurants which made my job even easier!  I drew a horizontal line right across the middle of each page and proceeded to put the name and address of each restaurant, along with a box to check off where we have been.  I also wanted a rating system, so I am going to use star stickers to mark between 1 and 5 stars.  This should be fun because we have visited quite a few of these already so we will get to do a few ratings right away!  It will also encourage us not to go to the same places over and over and try new things.

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3 Responses to “Food Passport”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    Jerry would love to accompany you to Al’s Charhouse! He loves it so much he made me go there for multiple “special occasion” dinners.

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