Friends forging a course together through the unexpected

A Weekend in the Mud May 14, 2014

The guys

The guys after the race “stretching”

This weekend was quite the mash up of events. Saturday, Matt, our friend Ross and his friend Ryan competed in their first Tough Mudder. Matt was so stoked for the race and blared 90’s music all the way up to Genoa City, Illinois. Luckily I was able to stop and pick up a cup of coffee to help make the drive a little more tolerable.

We met up quite easily with the rest of the group which consisted of Ross’ wife Deanna, his parents, as well as Ryan’s wife and sister in law. All three guys started and completed the race together. They got caked in mud, dosed with arctic water and electrocuted and loved it. So much that they all signed up for next year’s race immediately upon finishing.

The entire event was run very smoothly. Check-in was easy for spectators and for the competitors. There were plenty of volunteers to ensure the lines kept moving. The transportation was awesome. Buses were lined up at the parking area and at race grounds. We never waited more than 5 minutes to board a bus.  My only request would be to have more maps available to spectators in easy to find locations. We had to borrow another spectator’s map to figure out our designated route. Luckily he had two and we were set to make sure we saw all of the obstacles open to spectators and cheer on our guys.

Sunday was recuperation/get ready for Mother’s Day. We both woke up a little off – Matt sore and me with a sinus headache (darn allergies!). So we took it easy and waited for medication to kick in before we got the day started. I wanted to finish up my planting my gardens so I headed off to Home Depot while Matt helped to clean up the house.

Perennials were on sale for 3 for $10. I picked up 6 beautiful large perennials for pots to frame our front door as well as to fill a basket in our backyard. A few vegetables also managed to find their way into my cart.


Flowers Before


Flowers After

Flowers After

Flowers After

Flowers After

For the final part of my garden, I picked up two roma tomato plants, and eight large tomato plants along with 4 green pepper plants and 4 jalapeno pepper plants. I spent the rest of the early afternoon planting before it was time to head over to my parent’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Veggies Before

Veggies (tomatoes/basil) After

Veggies (tomatoes/basil) After

Veggies (peppers) After

Veggies (peppers) After

We had a great time cooking out ribs and catching up with my mom and dad. Naturally my dad had a few projects for Matt…including installing a ceiling fan. My mom loved her presents as well as having someone else cook and clean up. Oh, and also of course spending time with Porter, even if he took her slipper more than once!

A busy weekend but a great one for the books and the mud.



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