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Aspiration #23- Makeup Class June 10, 2014

I never got a chance to tell you all about the class me and my cousin Cassandra participated in at the end of May!  If you think back to my 2014 Aspiration list or take a look at it here you will notice # 23- Learn to apply liquid eyeliner and fancy eye makeup.  Awhile back Cass sent me a note and said she was interested in doing a makeup class too and knew if she paired up with me, we would be sure to actually go.  It’s true!  I think everything seems easier when you have someone willing to do it with you.  Anyway I found a perfect class on Dabble.  That’s the same place my sister and I found our wine tasting class- it’s a site that provides access to one time classes that are affordable.  Going back to Aspiration 23, I found a Smokey Eye class being held at Goldplaited, located in the Lakeview neighborhood.  We weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived, but I did a little homework on Goldplaited before we got there.  Here is what their site has to say about them:

The marriage of a blowout bar and makeup lounge, goldplaited is the first of its kind. A finishing salon providing convenient & affordable pampering, goldplaited specializes in beauty-enhancing makeup, fabulous blowouts and polished & fun drystyles. Let our team of professional makeup artists & hairstyling experts take the guesswork out of getting ready! A goldplaited gal is always put together, never overdone.

It’s a pretty genius concept don’t you think? We arrived at the class right as it started and they started off showing us how to properly tease your hair.  This was a surprise for me, but a pleasant one!  I learned I’ve been doing it wrong all the times I’ve tried.  Or not really wrong, but they taught us some techniques that will not damage your hair as much and will give a better hold.  Main thing I learned is that you don’t comb the hair up and down, but instead downà outàback in and down again.  After the teasing lesson, one of the makeup artists showed us all the steps of a smokey eye.  Of course she made it look effortless.  Luckily after that demonstration they opened a few stations up in the salon and we were able to practice the teasing and eye makeup.


The funny thing about my experience is that I didn’t actually ever learn or try to do a smokey eye!  It wasn’t their fault at all.  It was because I cared more about learning eye liner and eyebrows!  One of the steps in the smokey eye was to define the eyebrows and it was amazing how nice it made the model look even without any other make up on!   I asked the girl showing/doing my makeup to do my brows and to show me liquid eye liner because I am scared of it.  The main tip she gave me there was to do small dashes across the eyelid and not try to do a straight line.  She told me even the professionals, like her, have trouble doing one straight line.  She also showed me the brows and it felt like something I could do myself.  You just brush a bit of the powder into your brow {they make it for blondes!}, comb them into the proper shape, and add a little highlighter under your arch. I ended up purchasing a few products they used on me-bdb or Billion Dollar Brows so that I could do my own at home.  If you asked me about adding makeup to eyebrows a few weeks ago I would have told you it’s for people who have hardly any eyebrow that must draw them in or a makeup freak.  Now, I feel like if I just did my eyebrows and went out of the house, I would look put together.  Here is a picture of my eyebrow and a small cat eye with eye liner:


I have to also mention the salon itself.   I really loved the look of it.  Of course it has a lovely gold theme to go along with their name, and I just fell in love with the place.  I’m hoping I can find an excuse to go back soon!



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