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Creating a Wish List June 17, 2014

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I’m trying to make a birthday list {it’s coming up next week already…ugh odd number this year!}.  I always feel like a greedy person when I’m making a wish list.  Technically I don’t need any of the things on the list, most of them are just nice to have or to not have to buy myself.  My dad and sister are the ones who like to have some guidance so they don’t have to guess.  I suppose it’s nice to be able to give someone something they want instead of blindly guessing.  My sister and I actually keep running lists on Google Drive plus we keep a separate list of people that we usually need to buy for (our dad, grandparents, etc.).  That way if we think of a gift idea and Christmas, Mothers/Father’s Day, or a birthday aren’t nearby we can remember the idea for later.  I don’t know about you, but we struggle especially hard to find gifts for our grandparents.

I took a look at my list this week and decided it needed some work.  It was very unorganized and hodgepodge.  I removed some things that I’ve changed my mind about, and added in some categories to make it more organized: Home, Personal, and Kitchen.  I listed the item I want and then added bullet points with details.  Things like price, brand, color, size, anything that will help get more specific.  However I don’t always list a specific item.  For instance I listed ‘Rose gold necklace,’ but I didn’t say where from or anything.  I still like to be a little surprised!  At the end of the list I have a section for stores I like and my general sizes for clothes and shoes.  I totally stole these ideas from my sister, isn’t she smart? Anyway here is my list so you can see what I was talking about:



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