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Happy Birthday to Me! June 24, 2014

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If you hadn’t noticed by the post title and last week’s post about birthday lists, today is my birthday.  I’m pretty shy about the whole thing…obviously.  I had to work today which bummed me out.  I know I’m an adult but I still feel like the day should be special and work makes it too much of a normal day.  I did feel especially loved though, and that is more important.  A lot of people at work sent me email or stopped by to say Happy Birthday.  One friend took me to lunch.  I also got a bunch of texts, Facebook messages, voicemails, and even some real cards in the mail!  Then tonight I had dinner with my dad, sister, her boyfriend, and Dave.  It was a good time and then I got to open some presents.  If anyone says they don’t like getting presents I don’t believe them.  I got lovely gifts from my family and now forgive me but I am going to go set up my FitBit so I can try to use it tomorrow.  I’ll leave you with this amazing card Dave gifted me:

bday card

Try not to be too jealous!


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