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Luxurious Grass June 30, 2014

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This past weekend, Eric and I decided to take on one of the larger projects on our list of improvements for our house… ripping out what we have been fondly referring to as, “The Weed Garden” or on occasion, “Oakley’s Poop Patch” and instead putting in some grass and flowers. Though it is a small area, it was a ton of work and took us several hours to complete.

First, we had to rip out the weeds. Eric started with a weedwacker to make it a little more manageable.

After the weeds were wacked.

After the weeds were wacked.

Then we had to till the dirt. This helped us get the bulbs from the ground cover out, as well as pulling all the roots from the weeds. Tilling is also important for when we put your grass down, it has some soft ground to grow its roots.

Edging around the tree and tilling the dirt

Edging around the tree and tilling the dirt

Last, we went to our favorite store in the whole world, The Home Depot and bought some sod, which is surprisingly cheaper than I thought. We also picked up some callalilies to add a punch of color. An interesting note: callalilies will die over the winter in this climate, so we’ll have to dig them out in the fall and replant the bulbs in the spring. In the end, the hard work was worth it… and Oakley approved of the changes. While she was rolling around the luxurious grass, she even said, “Thanks Mom and Dad! I didn’t even know I wanted this grass patch here, but I’m so happy you did this all for me!”

Yay Luxurious Grass!

Yay Luxurious Grass!


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