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Frank Lloyd Wright House in Rockford July 7, 2014

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This past weekend while celebrating the Fourth of July, my husband Eric and I went out to Rockford to visit with his family. Eric’s sister came into town with her husband and two little girls (adorable, I might add!). To give Mama a little fun during the day, the girls and I went out to a newly opened Frank Lloyd Wright house that was built in Rockford. The special thing about this house is that it was built for a man who was not only a US Veteran (thank you all for your service), but was in a wheelchair due to a spinal tumor discovered after he returned from overseas. He wrote Frank Lloyd Wright a letter with his needs and desires and the two sparked a friendship that lasted their lifetime. The entire house is fit for someone in a wheelchair, which made for some interesting characteristics. The house was built around 1956.

Some of the unique characteristics included small, narrow window in the front of the house (for privacy) and huge beautiful open windows in the back to interconnect nature with the home. In the corners of the house, the windows actually came in to allow for planters to fit in the corner. Additionally, all seating was very low so that the frequent guests of the house (people who wanted to see FLW’s work) would be at the level of the owner, who sat in a wheelchair. What a fun experience to see a unique home that was so progressive for the times!





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