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Fitbit Thoughts July 8, 2014

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fitbit adI’ve had a Fitbit about two weeks now and here are my thoughts so far:

#1- It’s made me aware that I am a lazy ass. 

Seriously!  After using it the first day I realized that I do most of my walking in the last 4 hours of the day.  When I left work the first day of using my Fitbit I was barely at 2,000 steps.  The recommendation is 10,000 steps or 5 miles a day!

#2- It motivates me to walk more, even if the step counter isn’t 100% accurate.

See item number 1 above: I made Dave go on a walk that first night and I think I ended the day around 6,500 steps.  Two nights ago I was only around 2,000 after having a vey lazy Sunday so I walked up and down my stairs and around my teeny tiny apartment a million times to get my count up over 5,000.

#3- I’m starting to do strange things with my arm when I walk so I can make sure a step gets recorded.

I especially worry when I’m carrying something or going up or down stairs.  I mean what if my arm isn’t swinging enough?  I should definitely get credit for going up stairs right?  Am I the only one who thinks about this?

#4- I see the early signs of a Fitbit tan, am I’m weirdly proud of it.

I have always been jealous of my one cousin who has the most distinct watch tan of anyone I’ve ever met.  It’s a tanline I can actually show people!

#5- I’m wearing out the battery by tapping the god damn thing every minute to see if I made it to the ‘next dot’.

For those without a Fitbit, each dot represents 20% of your goal for the day.  This means I’m constantly hoping that the short walk to the bathroom I just took is going to push me from that second dot to the third one.

fit bit

#6- It’s causing me to pay attention to my water intake and I’m for once in my life getting enough water in a day.

There is a water intake counter and as you add in the ounces you’ve drank in the day, it shows a little outline of a person getting filled with water.  It’s oddly motivating, but I must say I think I’m cheating a little.  If I drink a drink that has mostly water in it I still count it in the counter.  For instance the  16oz. Steaz green tea I drink every day gets counted even though it isn’t straight water.

phone photo

I swear Fitbit didn’t give me mine for free and pay me to write this.  I’m not that lucky or cool.  I just asked for one on my birthday wish list and my dad got it for me.  I’ve been a little obsessive about this thing and I was hoping I wasn’t alone in these crazy feelings.


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