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Easy Upgrade: Update a Wire Shelf July 9, 2014

To say we have a storage problem in our galley style kitchen is an understatement. Only one set of cabinets align one wall. Thankfully we added additional storage by upcycling my parents old upper cabinets into a storage unit. Plus I brought my kitchen island over for more storage and prep space. All too soon, both items were filled. We needed another solution to help with our kitchen items exploding. So Matt and I started brainstorming.

Since we’re currently renting we don’t want to spend a lot of money on a solution. After discussing options we decided to build shelves on two open walls and treat wood to improve storage quality on a wire rack. Off to Home Depot we went! We bought a few 1” X 10” and decorative shelving brackets. Total cost came to $80. Perfect for our rent friendly budget.

We decided to tackle the wire rack first. Matt measuredand cut one of the 1” X 10” into three pieces. After cutting the boards to size, he sanded them down so I could stain the wood. We decided to use a walnut stain we had leftover from another project. One coat was all we needed. The next day we added the final clear polyurethane coating to seal the wood.

The Before

The Before

The wooden shelf

A final wooden shelf

The Final Product!

The Final Product!

The shelves turned out great! Now things don’t slide through the racks and the wire rack itself seems sturdier. Now we just have to finish up the shelves!


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