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Painting a Brick Fireplace July 14, 2014

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The house projects continue! This year, we decided to take on a few larger scale projects around the house, but agreed to only do them every couple weeks so we wouldn’t burn ourselves out like we did for the last 2 years. So this past weekend, while lazily hanging out in the living room and trying to think of something fun to do, we decided we’d paint the fireplace (and get it over with) and then go out to lunch to celebrate another project off our list.

First, the reason we are painting the fireplace is mostly for aesthetic purposes. Both Eric and I loathe the red bricks on our fireplace. The bricks appear to be fake, though we found out that they are just treated. The red doesn’t match our taste or the feel in our 1950’s home, so we did some research and decided on painting the bricks white to match the backside of the fireplace (which is in our bedroom).

When painting a brick fireplace, there are some things you need to know:

(1) Fireplaces require special paint that can handle hotter temperatures. Though we painted the outside of our fireplace, we wanted to ensure that we weren’t going to create something that would explode. Our local Benjamin Moore/Epco paint store was able to help us out with the correct paint.

(2) Before painting, you MUST make sure that you’ve wiped down the bricks and it is super clean. Even in the little pockets of the bricks. To clean in those little holes, we used a paint brush. The primer won’t stick if your fireplace is dusty.

(3) Use a primer. We got one at our store and painted the primer on by hand. We also bought a special roller for bricks (it’s a little more furry than the usual roller) to get in all the grout and holes of the bricks.

(4) When selecting the finish for your paint, here are some things to keep in mind… The shinier the finish, the easier it is to clean, but the easier it is to see paint strokes and imperfections in the brick. Because our bricks were treated, super straight and nearly perfect, we went with a high gloss paint. We’d rather be able to clean the fireplace easily!

So here is the before shot and the “after primer” shot. We will finish painting this evening – so I’ll share that photo when we get it! What do you think?

Pre-Painted Brick Fireplace

Pre-Painted Brick Fireplace

Post Primed Fireplace - still need to put on the paint

Post Primed Fireplace – still need to put on the paint



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