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DIY – Kitchen Shelves July 16, 2014

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Uncharted authors are writing a lot about DIY home solutions this month and I’m continuing with the trend. Last week I wrote about an easy solution to update and stabilize a wire shelving rack with wood shelf inserts. This week I have an update on our new kitchen wall shelves.

Matt and I worked in tandem on both projects, though I have to say he did pretty much all the work on the free standing shelves. My only contributions included picking out the wall mounting brackets at Home Depot, assisting with measuring where the shelves would go on the wall and then reorganizing the kitchen once the shelves were up.

So yes, he did all the double and triple checking of measuring and cutting, sanding and staining, and then firmly attaching them to the mounting brackets. And he did a great job! He used the same color stain as we did for the shelf inserts for the wire wrack so everything looks a little more coordinated.

Here’s the before:

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

The intermediate:

The shelf bracket

The shelf bracket

The almost done phase

The almost done phase

And here’s the after:

The final product

The final product

I love having the additional storage to display more items. Plus it helped to keep all of my spices in an easy to reach location where I can see everything. And I have a better display of my cookbooks and Cooking Light magazines when I need to figure out dinner. All in all, I think our kitchen is finally set!

Now all we have to figure out is what project do we want to do next. Or rather, I should really find a new project…


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