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Sandwiches of the Breakfast Variety July 29, 2014

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Yes, that is Harry Potter I am reading. Yes I am rereading the series. It’s been too long.

I drink a cup of black tea every day at work so on the weekends I try to do the same.  I find if I don’t, I will get a headache from lack of caffeine.  I miss the automatic hot water from the coffee machine at work, but there is something so quaint about boiling water in a actual tea kettle.  I also try to have a little juice every day in this perfect sized juice glass (Look Karla it gets some use!).  I need to mention   that this juice pictured is from Marianos.  If you have one of these stores nearby and haven’t grabbed some of this you must!  They literally place oranges in a machine that crushes the orange and juice gets poured out and that is it- final product.  There is nothing else in it.  It has an amazing flavor and is probably the freshest OJ available besides squeezing it yourself.  If you have a Marianos nearby you have to try it!  Sorry, I am getting away from the point of the post.  I’ll get back to the egg sandwiches now.

I’m on a little kick with egg sandwiches.  Do you ever get on a kick, like you want to have or do something on a routine and you get a little obsessive?  You don’t want to stop whatever the thing is because you have had it going for so long?  I’m on a few of these right now: Steaz iced tea (pomegranate lime flavor specifically), a certain parking spot at work, and a walk everyday at lunch time.  At least they aren’t bad kicks!  Oh my gosh, I’m horrible!  Back to the eggs! For years I thought I hated eggs, but I realized it’s just the taste of the yolk that makes me cringe.  Ever since this realization I’ve been able to enjoy eggs as long as they are yolk free.  For egg sandwiches I just separate the white from the yolk and fry the whites in a small pan with a little butter.  It’s the perfect staple for breakfast because it has a lot of protein without the cholesterol.


The sandwich pictured has some mushrooms, cheddar cheese, onion, spinach and fried egg all on a sesame seed bun.  I put this one together just like a regular sandwich.  Sautéed the mushrooms in the pan with a little butter, put those on the top of the bun and next placed the cheese on so it would melt a bit.  Then added the onion.  Meanwhile I fried the egg white in the same pan the mushrooms were in and once done placed it on top of the onion.  I added a bed of spinach and the bottom of the bun.  Flipped it over and it was ready to enjoy.  Last week I did pepper jack cheese, spinach, with an egg white on marble rye.  However I made this one like a grilled cheese.  I fried the egg first then put the sandwich together and cooked it on both sides in the pan so the cheese would be melty and the spinach would get wilty.  My sister got to try this one and she gave it her seal of approval.  The possibilities are truly endless.  Different breads, cheeses, veggies, you could add meat if you want.  I really want to do one with swiss cheese and avocado.  Better add those items to my grocery list!



3 Responses to “Sandwiches of the Breakfast Variety”

  1. Karen Says:

    I only eat the yolk and give the whites to either BJ or th dogs! We’d make a good pair

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