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Cheering Myself Up August 5, 2014

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I am stressed to the max!  It’s mainly all work stuff.   I know everyone gets stressed at work, but I don’t prefer that to be my norm.  Couple that with regular busyness and I feel like I’m running a race I can’t win.  Sorry to go all Debbie Downer on you but I think I’ll feel better if I just vent a little.  I know I should take care of myself during this stressful time, but I don’t quite have the motivation to come home from eleven hours at work and exercise and eat right.  Instead I want to curl up in pajamas and stuff my face with french fries and milkshakes.   Super lovely picture I’m painting huh?  Anyway today was particularly crappy because I had a icepick headache {Oh, you don’t know that term?  I’ll explain: the feeling that an icepick is being lodged into the back of your eye socket.  Sorry for the graphic terms, but honestly it’s how those headaches feel.}  In the midst of it all I forced myself to start thinking of things that make me happy so I could calm down.  I thought it might be a good list to share with you and perhaps you could contribute some happy thoughts too:cats



A fresh haircut

Favorite outfit is clean

Laughing so hard I’m crying

Receiving real mail that’s not junk

Belting out a song on the radio in the car

The moment I realize my headache is gone

Looking at the clock and seeing my birthday time

Posting an Instagram and it gets more than twelve likes

My FitBit starts vibrating indicating I reached 10K steps that day


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