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The Cheapest Round of Golf You’ll Find in the NW Suburbs August 25, 2014

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So it turns out we live close to an awesome little 5 Hole Golf Course located in Barrington, IL and we had no idea! We believe the course is owned and operated by the Barrington Park District, but I can’t say for sure. If a volunteer is not collecting money/donations ($10 non-residents, $8 residents of Barrington), they leave an Honor Box out for you, so you can still be a good person and contribute to keeping this little course going.

So the course consists of 5 Holes. Your payment buys you two rounds though, so you’re actually playing a Round of 10 Holes. The course is well maintained, especially considering the price, though the “Rough” is quite rough and the Greens are a wee bit slow (OK, really slow, but hey!). Also of note: the holes are great for practicing on some Par 3’s, but the longest hole is only 200 yards. Don’t let this little course fool you though, Hole’s 1 and 5 have quite a few trees, which always seem to get in the way!

Hole 1   Hole 3

Anyway, Eric and I have been going every weekend since our discovery of this neat little place because it’s super casual (you can literally wear whatever you want), cheap, and a great way to practice our golfing. Eric’s even birdied – twice! If you’re in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and looking for a relaxed and fun place to golf (it’s a great place to take beginners or kids to learn!), you should check it out!



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