Friends forging a course together through the unexpected

One Busy Labor Day Weekend September 3, 2014

Friday, Matt and I went with our friends to Piqniq at Tinley Park’s First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre. This was our first time at Piqniq and we were not disappointed. Our first stop was the All-State tent for these awesome pictures.

Then it was off to catch Wild Cub at a side stage. Matt and I have heard them on Alt Nation and were excited to see them. Their show was really good, better than Local H. My vote is next time they should be on the larger stage. After Wild Cub, we endured Local H until  A.F.I. took the stage. Their sound was amazing. The lead singer was so clear and the rest of the instruments truly complimented him.  


30 Seconds to Mars blew me away. They were so good live, so much better than I expected! Their sound, graphics and crowd engagement were impeccable. You couldn’t help but follow Jared Leto when he said jump and smile when he popped up every now and then in the crowd instead of on stage. If they come back into town I am definitely seeing them again and getting a t-shirt!

The main headliner was Linkin Park and they took the crowd’s enthusiasm from 30 Seconds to Mars even further. Everyone was standing even people on the lawn, and were jumping up and down. They played a great mix of old and new songs catering to the wide variety of ages in attendance. My calves got one of their best workouts ever that night!

The next day we headed up to Union, Michigan to rest our calves on the beach. We took it easy playing games, bags, eating, boating, swimming, tubing and playing beach volleyball.



Even Porter got in on the fun. We had a blast talking with our friends and just relaxing in the sun. All in all it was one great weekend. Except for the day after. Matt and I forgot how much upper body strength you need to hold on to those tubes. I think we’re going to start a push-up routine once we can lift our arms over our heads without wincing…       


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