Friends forging a course together through the unexpected

Renegade Regulars September 9, 2014

fair 2This weekend I attended the Renegade Craft fair.  It’s always a fun time although I must say it is always blazing hot!  I thought we would luck out because the forecast was in the 70’s, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky so it was pretty toasty.  At least it didn’t storm on us.  I went with my friends Tom & Kim, their little girl, and Karla.  We drove down in the morning and had some fancy breakfast and then headed over to Division St. for the fair.  We walked around the entire fair which consisted of 300+ booths stretching between Damon and Paulina Avenues.  I usually like to walk around the whole fair and then come back to purchase the items I still want, but there was a small print {Shawnax} that I was just in love with and bought immediately.  Plus it was only 5 dollars so I really couldn’t pass it up.  Tom & Kim picked up a cool Alice in Wonderland print for their little girl and Karla picked up a tree filled print for her and her husband.  Then I made Karla loop back around with me while I went back to buy a necklace I loved {by Diamonds are Evil (Isn’t this the best shop name?!} and three little succulents planted in a wine cork {by Lucid Design}!  The corks are also magnets which I can place up high so the kitties can’t destroy them.  I left the fair spending less than $50 dollars so I was pretty pleased with myself.

plants necklace


After all that walking and sweating in the sun we decided to make one more stop before heading back to the suburbs…Jeni’s Ice Cream.  Karla and I had never experienced it before, but Tom & Kim told us it was better than their old favorite {I won’t name any names}.  Once we arrived, I was in love with it just for the décor.  Little white marble tables with cute little metal stools and beautiful flower arrangements. White subway tile and industrial lamps.   Not to mention the whole menu is on a large chalk board containing so many unique flavors I had to order basics because I just couldn’t make a decision {surprise, surprise!}.  The small size includes two flavors and my choices were: ‘Milkiest Chocolate in the World’ and ‘Backyard Mint’.  I had mine on a plain cone and it cost $5.  I thought it was pretty reasonable considering the amazing flavor and to tell you the truth I thought it would cost more based on the line hanging out the door when we arrived.  A place that popular can charge whatever it wants right?  It was a lovely ending to the weekend and gave me some much needed steps which was a good bonus.


tables ice creams poster


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