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Happy Fall! September 23, 2014

Happy First Day of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox)!  In honor of my favorite season beginning I thought I’d share one of my favorite fall activities- Apple Picking!

apples 2

Not this weekend, but the weekend before I joined my cousin, her son, and my sister at Jonamac farms for apple picking.  It was a bit of a drive, but I think it was worth it.  I feel like a lot of these places are a big mess and totally chaotic.  Janamac  was very well set up and was higher quality than most.  My only complaint is the lack of orchard rows open (I’ll get to that in a minute).  When we arrived we of course had to get the standard photo of one of Noah in one of the largest rocking chairs I’ve ever seen.  {Can anyone tell me why this is a thing at pumpkin and apple farms?}  We then went inside and bought ourselves some hot apple cider and cinnamon apple donuts.  Then Noah wanted to play a bit and you had to pay to get in that section so Kate and I walked around the farm and checked out the garden.  Then it was finally time to go pick apples!  I bought a half peck bag and we made our way into the orchard.  They had many rows blocked off from picking and we could never really tell if it was because they weren’t ready or if they were trying to preserve apples.  It was very frustrating to pay $13 for a bag and have to search high and low for one nice looking apple.  We eventually made our way back near the first couple rows and found really good sized healthy apples.  We had a great time and up with a lot of apples to use.

When I got home I jumped on Pinterest right away to find a recipe that would use a lot of apples.  That is when I came upon Julia’s blog The Cedar Spoon.  She has a super easy recipe for applesauce made in a crockpot.  All you need is:

4 apples
½ lemon’s juice {I used the bottled}
1 tsp vanilla
¼ tsp cinnamon
¼ cup water

apples 1

All you do is peel and cut the apples {I used my trusty Apple Peeler Corer Slicer to make this step a snap!}, throw the apples and the rest of the ingredients into the crockpot and set on high for 4 hours.  Once the time is up the apples just fall to pieces and it’s ready to enjoy.


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