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Hiking in DuPage County November 5, 2014

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When we had a burst of warm weather a few weekends ago there was no way I was going to let it go to waste. Sunny and 65 degrees equals spending time outside if you’re with Matt or I. So we decided a hike would be a perfect way to enjoy the weather. I packed PB&J sandwiches, apples and water for us and Porter’s travel bag filled with snacks, water bowls and a few treats for him. With our gear set and dog ready to go at the front door we  hit the road to Blackwell Forest Preserve.

We drove into the preserve and entered on the northside off of Butterfield Road in Warrenville. The small lot immediately on the left thankfully revealed 2-3 open spots. I was surprised how few were available on a Sunday afternoon! Once Porter was leashed, we started on a hiking trail and headed north.

The trail wound us through the woods, over streams, and around ponds with beautiful fall colors. Even Porter took advantage of the water and went splashing around.


The quietness of the outdoors was perfect. You couldn’t hear any major highways or airplanes. Instead it was just the occasional hello to a few hikers or bicyclists also enjoying the fall scenery.


We walked up to Mack Road which ended up being a little over two miles. On our way back we found a bench and enjoyed our lunch.

In total we hiked almost four and a half miles and we had one tuckered out black lab by the end. We  are going back soon to explore the north end of the preserve and check out the off-leash dog area. Although the next time we go there will probably be a foot of snow on the ground….


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