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Decorating Quest November 11, 2014

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I had been searching for the perfect lamp for my bedside table for quite some time.  I loved my last one, but it was apple green with a white lamp shade and it didn’t go well in my new room.  {Not to worry that lamp found a home in one of my offices at work.  Everyone teases me for it, but I think it really personalizes a pretty drab space.}  I found a lovely gray base with an exposed teal wire from Target right away that was just right, but the lampshade was proving more difficult for me.  I literally bought 3 different ones before settling on this chevron pattern with gradients of turquoise.   I would buy one, bring it home, put it on the base and hate it.  Then I’d take it back and start over.  When I saw this lampshade in the store I did a little dance in the aisle.  It was perfect!

lamps side by sude

Left- No Light/ Right- Light On

That was until I took it home and turned on the light. Ugh!  I thought I would cry.  Maybe you aren’t as picky as me, but I hated the way the shade looked with the light on.  The color became way too bright and lime.  Right now I’m guessing you are either nodding along with this story saying, ‘This is something I would go through!’ OR you think I am crazy and should really get a life.  Well all I have to say is sorry I’m not sorry for loving details!

I left the lampshade alone for a few days because honestly I couldn’t handle taking back another thing to Target.  I’m guessing by now they have me on a list of suspicious people.  Then I remembered David Hopkins!  My sister and I attended an open house he hosted a year and a half or so ago through the Airbnb website.  One of the main things I remember David saying was that lights should not be too bright.  He suggested choosing lampshades with black interiors.  A light bulb went off in my mind {horrible pun, but I couldn’t resist}!  I could create a black interior for this lampshade!

I set to work with some black paper and some tape.  I used my handy paper cutter and just patched together the paper until it covered the entire inside.  It’s not pretty, especially with all the tape, but you really can’t tell when you turn on the light and stand back.  I’m so relieved my search for the perfect lampshade is over.  It just took a little persistence and DIY on my part.



2 Responses to “Decorating Quest”

  1. Great solution! I painted a lampshade for my hallway and the gold does the same as yours. I could paint another coat, but your idea is quicker and easier! I love learning tricks, so, thanks!

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