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Milwaukee Day 2 December 3, 2014

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Last week I only got through Friday of our trip to Milwaukee.  Now on to Saturday!  We started off the day right with an amazing brunch at Blue’s Egg.  We had a bit of a wait, but I feel like that is always a good sign.  Why would people be willing to wait if it’s not worth it?  We started off with the monkey bread and it was gone in less than a minute!  I ordered their famous (or so the bartender from the night before told us) stuffed hash browns.  I choose the pulled ham and cheese.  It was delightful.  I’m pretty sure Dave had one of their benedicts, but it was gone so fast I don’t remember.  We’d go back in a heartbeat and so naturally recommend the place if you are ever in the area.


We realized on the way to Blue’s that the Miller Valley was very close by and since it was on our list we headed over after brunch.  We walked in the door and were informed that the next tour started in 4 minutes.  Talk about perfect timing!  I was a little overexcited to show my ID, but the guy who was checking it didn’t care about my last name at all and only looked to see if I was 21.  We were shown a lovely video hosted by the Highlife Girl in the Moon, followed by a tour of four different buildings, and ending with a tasting at the Miller Inn.  I went a little crazy taking pictures of anything with the word Miller on it, and we tried to drink the beer put in front of us.  I unfortunately have to report it wasn’t very good.  However we thought the tour was very good and would even venture to say it was better than the Coors tour in Denver.


The Harley Museum was next on our list and I wasn’t sure it would be very entertaining for me.  I’m not exactly into motorcycles.  My dad has one and I’ve ridden on it exactly one time and it was only because he forced me!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the museum was very interesting.  A lot of it seemed like art to me.  My favorite part being the wall pictured below covered in many colored gas tanks.  Who would have thought?  The price is a bit steep, $18 per person, but I’m glad we went.  Check out a few of my favorites:

harls 1

harls 3

My favorite!

harls 2

Dave’s favorite!













We were pretty hungry after the museum and we had been meaning to check out the Cheese Mart that was near our hotel so we made our way back there.  The Cheese Mart is attached to a bar/restaurant called the Uber Tap Room.  We tasted a bunch of cheese on the Mart side and then sat down at the bar and had some drinks and something to eat.  We should have stayed on the cheese side.  It was really the only good thing about the place.  The service is best described as inattentive and the food disappointed us.  I think we are pretty easy going people, but we felt ignored most the time.  At least we got to try Havarti Horseradish cheese and drink more Spotted Cow on tap 🙂

In the meanwhile, it started snowing and we decided to go to the movies and see Dumb & Dumber To.  There were a few good parts, but of course it wasn’t as funny as the first one.  Sequels never are.  I felt a little guilty going to a movie when we were in a new city, but I never could go out drinking more than one night in a row.  My lack of party prowess along with the fact that we were day drinking were the perfect reasons to relax and ignore that guilty voice in my head.  It also meant we were well rested for Sunday…which I’ll tell you all about next week!


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