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Kitchen Theme Bridal Shower December 17, 2014

Two weeks ago we held my dear Cousin Molly’s kitchen themed bridal shower.  It was extra exciting because she is the first girl cousin to get married on that side of my family.  We have literally been friends since her birth.  I’m so happy she has found the one she belongs with and so of course we wanted to celebrate with her!  If you know Molly, you know she loves to bake and cook.  She even has a blog to share all the recipes she has tried- Bake Away Girl.

molyI feel a bridal shower should reflect the person it’s being thrown for.  It’s an important part of the planning process.  After all the whole party is about the bride!

Otherwise, why throw the party? Keeping Molly in mind, all of us who planned had a lot of fun coming up with ways to incorporate the kitchen theme into the party.  Here were just a few that we came up with that came to life at the party:

  • Flower arrangements using kitchen items: colanders, measuring cups, and Kitchen Aid mixers
  • Grater and whisk lanterns
  • Muffin tin candy holders
  • Recipe Cards
  • Kitchen utensil favors

The flower arrangements consisted of gathering all those containers listed above and taking them to a florist who agreed to create the vision in our minds (um and also on Pinterest).  That piece was pretty easy because paying the florist means they take care of all the work!   We had the shower catered by a breakfast place called Juicy-O and ordered sandwich trays from Cost-Co so that we could have the best of both worlds: Brunch!  And what is brunch without mimosas?  Not actually brunch right?  The hit of the shower was by far the mimosa bar.  There were four different types of juices, fresh fruit, and even a cute paper straw to drink out of.  My favorite part was mixing and matching all the different flavors.

more decor

We scoured Goodwill stores and asked some family to lend us graters, whisks, and muffin tins.  Then we placed flameless candles under or in each one of the graters and whisks and filled the muffin tins with candy.  I think they added a whimsical touch to the party.  It was a small detail, but pushed the theme even further!  The recipe cards were sent out with the invitations (which of course were matching!) and we asked guests to complete it and share one of their favorite recipes.  We collected these in a ceramic berry basket the day of the shower and then gave them to Molly for a keepsake at the end of the shower.


We didn’t want to play cheesy games, but we also wanted to have a little something to occupy people’s time in between socializing, eating, and gift opening.  So we set up a ‘Guess How Many’ game with a very large jar full of chocolate chips!  We also set a kitchen timer a couple times during gift opening and whoever’s gift was being opened when it went off received a prize (I really wish I had a picture because these were so adorable.  Even though I don’t, I’ll just tell you about them…we bundled a red and white tea towel along with a sugar cookie mix and a heart shaped cookie cutter together with red and white baking twine.)

decorLastly, we wanted to send each guest home with a favor that would be useful and of course also match the theme.  A long time ago I had seen a glittered wooden utensil on Pinterest as an idea for a favor.  I showed it to my sister and we decided to create something similar, but swap the glitter for red paint.  Here are the instructions for our creation:

Crafting List:

bamboo utensils (we found ours off Amazon)
red paint
non-toxic glaze
painters tape
washi tape
bakers twine
paint brushes


The most work was taping the handles.  We didn’t need them to all be the same, but we wanted the paint to stop about half way up the handle.  Once the tape was in place, we laid down the newspaper and tried dipping the utensils in the paint, but that was way too thick and would have taken days to dry.  Instead we starting painting with a paint brush and this process was much faster.  We ended up doing three coats of paint.  We let them sit for about an hour and then we applied a layer of glaze.  We left for maybe 2 hours and when we returned, everything was dry!

tags 2


We carefully removed the painters tape and only had one instance (out of 36) that the paint peeled a bit.  After that Katie wrote out tags and cut twine and I applied washi tape to each tag and tied the tag to the utensil with the twine.

tagsWe added some more washi tape to some clear jars and filled 6 jars with the utensils.  All in all the project probably took 6 hours- including drying time.  We were super proud of our work and the guests actually took the favors.  Woo Hoo!

tags 3






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