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Getting in the Christmas Spirit December 23, 2014

I’m trying my best to stay in the Christmas spirit.  With so much going on this December, it’s a little hard for me to get there right now.  Planning one bridal shower, two bachelorette parties, not to mention continuing to go to work and standing up in my cousin’s wedding on January 3rd.  I feel like there isn’t time for Christmas or NYE.  I am really very excited for all these events, I just seem to have a bad habit of trying to do too much.

So with that same spirit in mind, when my friends started talking about going to Holiday Magic at the Brookfield Zoo on Sunday night and to dinner afterwards…I of course offered to have dinner at my house!  I knew it would be a little stressful with my cousin’s bachelorette party landing on Saturday night beforehand, but I really wanted someone other than me and the kitties to see my Christmas decorations!

Everyone met at my house and then we headed over in one car to the zoo.  I was warned by my cousin that there would be a long line.  There was a huge wait on 1st Avenue, but once we got near the 31st Street entrance, it was actually a breeze.  If you plan on going, make sure to go in the 31st Street side and come around from the North or West instead of South or East.  Parking was $10 since we aren’t members, but fellow blogger Kate’s mom gave us guest passes so we all got in for free!  Score!  We didn’t really have a plan going in, just that we eventually wanted to see the polar bears.  We saw a lion, tiger, The Swamp exhibit, the monkey exhibit, and the bears!  In between everything are millions of lights. I’ve been to see the zoo lights in past years, but I feel like this year was better than before.  There just seemed to be more things to see.

holiday magic

After a while we were pretty chilly and getting hungry so we made our way back to my place to eat and drink a bit.  I just want to show you guys one thing about our ‘dinner’ (which is in quotes because it was more like heavy appetizers than a sit down dinner).  This was so simple to put together and it’s so cute for a holiday get together.  The trunk is herb coated goat cheese and then it’s just alternating rows of cheese and grapes.  The Pin that inspired this creation was a bit more involved with sprigs of herbs but I thought it was a bit over the top considering it stops looking like a tree pretty quickly after serving it.

tree grapes

Okay the last thing I want to show you is how I am displaying my Christmas cards this year.  Every year I feel like cards are getting cuter so they really do need to be displayed.  Karla and I used to tape our cards to all the doors in our old apartment.  One day when I was on Pinterest, I saw a picture of Polaroids hung all over Christmas lights in someone’s bedroom.  That gave me the idea to hang my Christmas cards on Christmas lights!  I went out and bought LED lights, but I bought the Warm White color so they wouldn’t be crazy bright.  I also bought some 3M hooks and placed three on the wall.  Then I used small wooden clothespins to hang each card on the strand of lights.  What do you think?  You could get pretty creative with the light display, but since my space is small, I kept it pretty simple.



I won’t be posting until next Tuesday so I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!


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