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Finally on the Wall February 4, 2015

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Last year’s aspiration list had an item about creating a new work space at home.  I did buy a new desk and chair, but I never hung all the art I planned to hang.  I have a lot of art accumulated from many a Renagade Craft Fair and a few Etsy shops along the way as well.  It’s all been sitting around waiting for me to display.  I have been slowly purchasing 3M products so that I won’t make any marks on my landlord’s walls (dang those hooks are expensive!)  One day I just laid all the pieces out on my bed along with the frames I have unused around the house.  I measured the length of the desk and placed the measuring tape across the bed and then used that as my starting point for placing everything.  Then I forced myself to create something I liked.  I kept trying to give myself excuses, like I don’t have enough frames, or that the items didn’t go well together.  But I pushed through and made myself hang things up.  I knew I wanted the marquee arrow to point to the print that says, ‘This Little Light of Mine I’m going to Let it Shine.’  I used that as a bit of an anchor and arranged everything else around it.


I used hooks and velcro to hang the heavy frames and the lighter things have a binder clip attached to them and are hung on a clear plastic 3M hooks.  Perhaps I’ll add some more frames after a while, but I actually like the casualness of the binder clips.  Now I actually get to look at the art I’ve worked so hard to choose and collect instead of it gathering dust under my bed.


Cheat Sheet

  1. Light Bulbs by TwoTonePress (I purchased at a Renegade Craft Fair (RCF))
  2. La Petit Prince- by Nacnic (Sorry no longer available in this shop)
  3. Get Your Sh*t Together by Orange Beautiful Design Studio (My sister gifted this to me for a housewarming gift)
  4. This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna let it Shine by littlethingsstudio (I purchased at a RCF)
  5. Marque Arrow from Target (Sorry no longer for sale, I bought it a few months back)
  6. It’s Not What the World Holds for You by littlethingsstudio (Sorry no longer available. I purchased at a RCF)
  7. House Key by Ace Hardware (One of a kind!)
  8. A Ship at Sea is Safe, but that’s not what Ships are Built for by Unknown (I can’t for the life of me remember the artist)
  9. 4127 Grove Watercolor- by BlueHousePaperie (Custom watercolor of childhood home, my sister commissioned)
  10. Be Kind Even to Mean People- by TheDetroitCardCo (purchased at a small pop up craft fair)

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