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Disney Recap Part 2 February 25, 2015

The next park on our list was Magic Kingdom. We set off early on Saturday morning and still hit the crowds. I was amazed how packed Magic Kingdom was compared to Epcot. Thankfully, despite the crowds we were able to find one my friends who we had planned to meet up with for the day.

First on our plan was Pirates of the Caribbean followed by the Jungle Cruise. I loved the Jungle Cruise! We had so much fun laughing at the corny jokes. Next we hit the Enchanted Tiki Room and Thunder Mountain. Then we went to the Haunted Mansion. With a long line we decided to have our PB&J lunches that we packed and look for a few “Hidden Mickey’s”. After being spooked we headed off to relax on the Blue Line People Mover followed by Peter Pan and It’s A Small World. Peter Pan was probably my favorite ride. I loved being suspended from the top like you were flying over London and Never Land.

It was time to pick up the pace a bit so we checked out Buzz Light Year and Space Mountain. Both were a ton of fun! Especially when I ended up beating Matt’s score on the Buzz Light Year ride. I was shocked he didn’t demand an immediate rematch. We ended our day at the park quite fittingly at the Hall of Presidents.

Hanging out at California GrilleWe headed back to the hotel to drop off our backpacks and freshen up before dinner. One of our splurges was dinner at the Contemporary Resort’s California Grille. Our friends had recommended the restaurant because the food is amazing AND because you can overlook the fireworks from Magic Kingdom from the restaurant’s balcony on the 15th floor.

Our meal started with cocktails followed by sushi for an appetizer. We then paused our meal to enjoy the fireworks. The restaurant dimmed the lights and piped in the music from the show. The views were breathtaking. After the show we ordered our main meals. Matt got the beef tenderloin medallions and I ordered a seafood mole. And of course we saved room for dessert. Matt ordered the cheesecake and I ordered a molten nutella cake. We were both in heaven, the treats were so good! I definitely recommend checking out the California Grille for a great dining experience and for the spectacular views during Magic Kingdom’s fireworks performance.

Next week I’ll be talking about our fun times at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios!


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