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Disney Recap Part 3 March 4, 2015

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My parents excited for the tour

My parents excited for the tour

Alas, it’s time for the last installment of our trip to Disney featuring two parks, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM). On our last Sunday, we grabbed a quick breakfast in our hotel room and headed off in the morning to Animal Kingdom. First on our itinerary was our FastPass for Safari Kilimanjaro. All four of us loved the ride. Though it was a little bumpy at time, it was amazing to literally be right next to the animals. We saw a variety of wildlife including giraffes, elephants, lions and many different types of birds. My parents especially got a kick out of riding on the oversized jeep.

After the safari we parted ways to walk around the park and go on different rides. Next up for Matt and I was Dinosaur. The line moved surprisingly fast and we both enjoyed the ride. Then it was time to use our next FastPass on Expedition Everest. This was probably my favorite roller coaster out of all of the parks. It definitely took my breath away a few times. My parents decided to skip Everest and I recommended for them to check out It’s Tough to be a Bug. I thought it would be more their “speed”.  They loved the interactive story even though I forgot to mention a few things that might have took them by surprise.



We finished up our day by heading back to Downtown Disney for dinner and shopping. Matt and I debated about where to go and we settled on Bongos Cuban Cafe. Since it was one of our last nights, we opted to sit outside and enjoy the warmer weather while we could. Our server was spectacular and walked us through the menu and specials. We started out with a steak bruschetta, that was amazing. For our main meals, I ordered a shredded beef dish and Matt ordered a combination of seafood in a tomato based sauce. Both of our orders came with beans, rice and fried plantains. We were so stuffed we even passed on dessert!

Once we had shopped and picked up a few gifts for our families, we stopped in at the Raglan Road Irish pub and restaurant. We were drawn to it by the live music playing outside. We grabbed a few chairs and ordered a beer and cider for our desserts. The music was great and they even had some Irish dancers perform between sets. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Monday was our last day in Disney and we capped it off with Hollywood Studios. We split off from my parents because we each had different times for our FastPasses. First on our list was the Muppets 3D (one of my favorites), followed by Star Wars and the Great Movie ride. Unfortunately, Matt and I weren’t able to do a whole lot more because I started feeling ill. Luckily though my parents had a great time on the Indiana Stunt Show, the Back Lot Tour and Star Wars. They even commented it was their favorite park after Epcot. I definitely didn’t expect to hear that!

All in all we had a wonderful time. We had a blast going with my parents and meeting up with them throughout the day as well as meeting an old friend from college. I’m really glad Matt and I had the opportunity to go to Disney before we start our own family. It was fun for just the two of us to be kids. To attempt riding on all of the rides, sipping beverages around the world and eating amazing food while staying up past our normal bed-time. Yes, I would definitely call that one good vacation for the books!


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