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About Us September 13, 2010

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Karla is a sucker for peanut m&m’s, schnauzers, northern Wisconsin and her husband. She rocks the business suit as easily as a t-shirt and basketball shorts. Maintaining a strong basis for Chicago as the best city in the world, she loves going downtown for concerts, theatre performances and exploring different neighborhoods. Blessed with two amazing parents, she is an only child who counts her closest friends as the siblings she never had. She strives to look for the potential in all things – from people, to recipes, trends, furniture, and of course, music. Her main goal in life is to never stop learning while constantly reminding herself to stop and take a breath to enjoy the moment.

Karla is fearless…never one to be afraid of getting messy, she gets things done.” – Kelly

I’ve never had a problem that couldn’t be fixed over a glass of wine and a heart to heart with Karla.” – Kate

Karla is the perfect balance of partnership and independence…she can do anything and more for herself, but always has time to lend a listening ear and give a hug to her friends.” – Sarah

Kate is a White Sox fan who lives in Barrington with her smart and sexy husband, Eric. She has a German Shepherd named Oakley whom she trains to do awesome tricks like put dirty clothes in the hamper. Kate is a bit of a foodie and enjoys patronizing local restaurants and cooking 5 course dinners for friends. She also loves drinking wine and doing yoga, though, not at the same time. Kate has a BS in Mathematics, Masters in Education and in 2009, started her own company where she designs and sells her own shoes. She often finds that she does not have a filter. She also enjoys shopping, traveling, learning and especially thrives on trying new things. Her philosophy: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

I’ve never met someone who has had such intense ambition…and such a killer collection of shoes!  Ever since I met Kate, I knew I wanted to be more like her when I grew up.” – Sarah

A true innovator and believer in following your dreams, achieving your dreams and then thinking of new dreams to conquer.” – Karla

It never fails, if you are hanging out with Kate you are having a good time, her enthusiasm is contagious.” – Kelly

Kelly is a 28 year old chocoholic born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago.  She likes to tell detailed random stories, adores most anything vintage, detests odd numbers, and loves to sing her heart out (mostly in the car or shower).  A Human Resource professional all week long…She enjoys trying out projects from Pinterest, decorating her apartment, planning trips, and dreaming up what her future holds.  She dates a one-of-a-kind guy named David and has two delightful kitties named Harlo and Stella who are always getting into trouble!  She is lucky enough to have a sister who always tells it like it is and a dad who taught her to always “Live it Up!”

Kelly is the type of down to earth and honest that inspires me to be a better person.” – Kate

Has a simple and thoughtful elegant manner of being – from listening, creating, laughing and caring.” – Karla

I never had any sisters, but I think I’d love Kelly more than any of them if I did…she’s the sister I always wanted, and growing up would have been much harder without such a beautifully strong woman in my life.” – Sarah

Sarah is a Chicago girl, Cubs fan born and raised.  She recently made a big move and now lives in Denver, Colorado, where the sun shines 300+ days a year!  She spends her weekdays with her twenty 4th graders, lovingly embracing her destiny as a schoolteacher, and her weekends with any of the amazing people she has in her life.  She enjoys bragging about how lucky she is to have such a strong group of friends, a selfless family with unending generosity, a supportive and very attractive boyfriend, and a talent for making cupcakes that put the Barefoot Contessa back in baking school.  Sarah prides herself in being creative and truly believes that being a teacher has helped her learn how to craft something out of almost anything.  She likes to be outside in the sunshine, particularly while enjoying beautiful Lake Michigan, the grandeous Rocky Mountains (as of late), or going for a swim.  As a passionate disciple of Audrey Hepburn, she always strives to keep it classy and, above all, fashionable.  Sarah wishes that she could someday have a pet panda bear and could wake up every morning to having breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Her desire to be exceptional and do exceptional things is incomparably enhanced by her fun and classy style.” – Karla

I’ve always been proud to be counted as one of Sarah’s closest friends…you can’t help but feel special around her.” – Kelly

Sarah is the perfect balance of Audrey Hepburn, Amelia Earhart and Martha Stewart… she’s classy, adventurous and makes phenomenal cupcakes.” – Kate


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  1. April Murray Says:

    Your blog looks awesome! I will definitely be trying out your recipes, looking forward to following

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