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Chicago Air and Water Show August 20, 2014

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This weekend I enjoyed my first Air and Water Show in downtown Chicago. Yes, I’ve lived almost 30 years in the suburbs of Chicago and this was my first opportunity to see the performance.

On the other hand, Matt had seen the show three times before. Naturally he gave me a play-by-play of what I could expect. When we were driving down I-55 into the city, he pulled up different YouTube videos and  Wikipedia snippets. Don’t worry, he was designated navigator and not driver for this particular reason.

Our picture perfect spot for viewing was a rooftop in the south loop, courtesy of my boss. He and his wife hold an annual viewing party for the Air and Water Show on their rooftop deck. They provided snacks, beverages and chairs. All we had to do was show up, meet some new people, grab a chair and or beer and enjoy the show.

Blue Angles over Lake Michigan

Blue Angles over Lake Michigan

Watching the U.S. Navy Blue Angels was amazing. Sometimes you heard them before you saw them. Your eyes were constantly scanning the skies waiting for the aircrafts to throttle out of the clouds. Our southern location provided many breathtaking turns and formation set-ups literally right above us.

I was in complete awe at how fast and seamless the pilots flew. One of our friends mentioned that the pilots fly within 18 inches of each other…18 inches! Combine that with the backdrop of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan and of course you’re going to be in awe.

My only regret from the day was not putting on enough sunscreen. I know better for next year and most importantly, so does Matt.


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