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4 Minute Project June 3, 2014

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Today I have a super quick project to show you.  I took some recycled cans and turned them into adorable pencil holders.   Although it’s easy to do, I love the way it looks and am excited for these to be a fixture on my new desk.  Literally all you need are clean recycled cans and washi tape of your choosing.  Oh and I used an x acto knife too, but that was just me being a perfectionist.

photo 1

photo 2


Make sure the cans are clean, dry and have no sharp edges before you start taping.  I started at the seam of the can and wrapped the tape around once only.  I left a little tail and tore off the tape.  Then I used the knife to cut the tail so there were no jagged edges and it looks uniform.  I decided not to cover the whole can up because I liked the look of it.  You could use multiple colors or patterns, but I wanted something simple and stuck with black polka dots and grey and white stripes.  After I was done with the tape, I grabbed some empty toilet paper rolls and arranged them in the wider can.  This helps to keep the Sharpie markers I store in there standing nicely, plus I organized them by color which gives a nice visual effect.   So simple, and the only real expense is the washi tape.  I’ve seen it available in most craft stores, Etsy, and even places like Walgreens.  You could even use duct tape which I’ve seen in a lot of interesting colors and patterns lately.  There is really no limit to what you can create!




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