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What’s cookin? April 7, 2011

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I can never decide what to make when I cook dinner.  I get myself all hyped up about cooking, and then for some reason my mind goes completely blank of any recipe knowledge I had before I made my decision to cook dinner.  And when I go to the internet, I’m just overwhelmed.  Similar to searching for nearly any topic these days online, about a million and one websites come up when you search for dinner recipes.  To which I spend about an hour and a half searching for what I’m going to land on for meal choices, and suddenly I find myself so hungry because it’s much later than when I started my recipe search that I decide to give up and throw a frozen pizza in the oven.

So I decided to share with you some tricks that I have found to make my decision-making process less painful, and spare my stomach of the gorey details of online recipe searching through Google.  Below are some of my favorite (and generally new found) ways of narrowing my dinnertime options.

1) Ask a friend.  My friends happen to be an extremely creative, inventive bunch of ladies, but even if yours aren’t, I’m sure they have some good recipes to share!  Everyone has their favorite thing that they make really well frequently, and I’m sure it would flatter them if you shot them a text or email letting them know you need an idea for dinner!

2) realsimple.com.  Kelly turned me on to this one, because of her magazine and because I have eaten things from the site while enjoying dinner as a guest at Kelly and Karla’s abode.

3) Ask your parents.  Our parents are always saying that even as adults, it’s nice to know we still need them.  Well, why not call them up and ask them for the recipe for one of your childhood favorites?!  My mom was thrilled to share her homemade mac and cheese recipe when I called her for it from Denver in search of something for Jonathan and I to cook.

4) Put a twist on an oldie-but-goodie.  To spice up the mac and cheese, Jonathan and I tossed around the idea of throwing some crab meat or lobster meat in the casserole pan before putting it all in the oven.  We got this idea from the delicious lobster mac and cheese on the menu at Hugo’s Frog Bar (if you haven’t had it before, put going to Hugo’s and ordering it on your bucket list, for sure!).

5) midwestliving.com.  I get emails from them because one Christmas I wanted to try a cupcake recipe, and I found that they have a lot of good baking recipes.  But they often do special segments on comfort food, crock pot recipes, and best-loved treats.

So next time you’re in a lurch regarding what’s for dinner, feel free to give one of my tips a try.  Buon Apetit!

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