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Kicking it to the Krrb September 10, 2013

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As of today, I have officially secured a new apartment!  Yay!  Now I can stop worrying about a place to live and start worrying about moving…which to be honest I had already started as illustrated in my post two weeks ago about Craigslist.  Can’t call me a procrastinator in that department!  I talked in that post about making an inventory of stuff, but now I have organized it into a spreadsheet that covers each room in my current apartment and then contains four tabs: New Apartment, Dad’s House, Sell, and Trash.  There is a tab called Dad’s House because he is nice enough to let me keep some furniture there that won’t quite fit in my new place.  I went through each room in the current apartment and recorded each piece of my furniture onto one of the tabs.  I’ve called a few moving companies and they like to know exactly what they’ll be moving so that was a helpful exercise.  We’ll see what ends up being the best option, but it’s looking to be a bit pricey since my things will be traveling to my new apartment and my dad’s house.

There isn’t too much to get rid of.  There are two pieces that are damaged and just plain worn out that will go in the trash.  There has been a lot of donating along the way.  It’s kind of scary how much stuff I had, but really didn’t need or want.  Then there are the items to sell.  After selling a rug and the wooden day bed (to a lovely home!), there are six pieces that I or Karla and I would still like to sell.  I know I wrote a whole post about Craigslist, but has anyone heard of a website called Krrb?  It’s pronounced like ‘curb’ and it’s a newer site that my sister introduced me to.  You can choose to buy, sell, rent, trade, or post something for free.  Here is how they describe themselves:

Krrb (pronounced ‘curb’) is a hyperlocal, curiously global classifieds made just for you. A most epic scavenger hunt at your fingertips where you can thrift, scavenge, rummage and discover local treasures – in your neck of the woods or over yonder.


I really like it a lot so far.  It seems simpler to post and they even have a phone app so you can take pictures as you are posting and check in at any time to see if anyone has inquired about an item you are selling.

krrb mobile

 Each item you post costs 1 credit, but the posting does not expire until it is sold or you remove it.  You can earn free credits multiple ways, but when you join you automatically get 10 credits, so that’s 10 items you can post for free right off the bat!  If you run out of free credits, you can purchase them anywhere from $1 – 50 cents depending on how many you buy at one time.  I just started using it and posted a couple items on there.  If you’ve used it before tell me what you think!  Hopefully I can get everything still on the ‘sell list’ sold so we won’t have to deal with it when we move.  Wish me luck!


Cleaning House with Craigslist August 28, 2013

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I started off very cranky crabby this morning! I think it’s the heat and the humidity. Mostly humidity because it messes with my sinuses. I woke up with a headache in the side of my head that felt like someone was nailing things in there. I made myself shower and lay down again and I felt a little better. Then I ate some toast so I could get something in my stomach and take some Advil. After about an hour at work I realized it had disappeared.

Perhaps I’m just stressed about moving? As I may have mentioned a few {hundred} times, Karla and I are moving out of our apartment in September. After watching my dad scramble to get everything packed up for his move, I have really tried to get started early for my own move. Last weekend I went through the apartment and made lists of all my furniture in each room. An inventory of sorts. Then I highlighted any item that will not be coming with me. I called my dad to talk about the highlighted items. To see if he wanted any of them for himself or if he wouldn’t mind storing some things that I won’t come with me, but I want for the future. He is very generous with all his new space and told me I can put anything I want into his new place. Then there are the items I have just decided to sell. I already went through the garage sale thing and I’m not about to hold another one, so I’ve decided the best avenue is Craigslist.

I don’t know how many of you have used Craigslist as a seller before. They try to make it simple, but it can be a little bit of work to set up a listing. You first answer a few questions:

-What type of posting (For sale by owner)

– Choose a category (Furniture by owner)

-What part of Chicago are you located in?

Then you fill out the title, price, and specific town. There is an open space for a description and a place to enter your email so you can receive emails in regards to the ad. I always check the box for using craigslist mail relay which means people won’t see your actual email address. You can also chose to add a map so people can see where they would need to travel to to pick up the item. The next page you are able to add photos. It is important to choose pictures that are not too large (data-wise). If they are too large, they will never load. Also remember that whatever picture you load first is the main picture people will see when they are looking through ads.

Here are just a few of the items I’m putting up for sale:

wooden couch

Sleigh Daybed- We’ve been using it as a couch, but add a twin mattress (which I also am seeling) and it becomes a lovely twin bed!

rug 1

Adorable Flower Pattern Rug- sure to brighten any room!


Folding Shelves- perfect for a home office or dorm room


Armless Slipper Chair- needs a bit of repair, but I saw a cute Pin on Pinterest that covered a ripped couch with lace. Get creative!

If you or anyone you know would be interested in any of these items or want to see some other furniture for sale, please leave a comment or email me at unchartedchicago@gmail.com If not, wish us luck selling all this stuff! Whatever doesn’t get sold will be donated or placed on the FreeCycle site, which is pretty much like donating…people just have to do the work of coming to get it.


Have A Seat June 6, 2012

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Unfortunately I do not have a project update on the desk for this week. My friend Jill visited a few weeks ago and dropped off my stencil, so now I’ll be able to start on the detail work! More details and the final review to hopefully come before the end of June.

One reason the desk got sidelined was to redo my dining room chairs. From my previous post about lots and lots of furniture, Matt got my old chairs and my old dining room table. Being a gracious and awesome person, I offered to redo the chairs for a few reasons:

  1. The first time I redid my dining room chairs I totally forgot the batting;
  2. I cut the new cushions a little too short;
  3. And most recently the fabric was subject to two cats with claws…

As you can imagine now knowing the background, the chairs were sorely in need of a little TLC. My mom and I went to JoAnn’s to pick out a “manly” fabric and we selected this stripe pattern. Of course I didn’t realize until Jill pointed it out that stripes are one of the hardest fabrics to work with…oops!

Armed with my new fabric I was ready to get started. I also had an awesome helper (Jill), who once again reminded me to get the batting this time. We might have done a last minute run to JoAnn’s….it happens!

Jill was a huge help and right away we got an assembly line going. I took apart the chairs and together we divided up the seats and removed the old fabric. Our next step was to staple the batting over the foam. Once the batting was set, we carefully stapled the fabric. The key with the fabric and the batting was to pull tight and be sure not to cover up the screw holes to re-attach the seats to the chair.
I think the final product turned out pretty decent. What do you think?


Lots and Lots of Furniture May 16, 2012

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Furniture is probably a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s hard to say no when it’s in amazing condition or has awesome potential. (Unless of course you are Kelly or Matt, who are both very good at telling me no to any new furniture.) But I recently got my way in obtaining some new dining room furniture that benefited multiple people – how can you not say “yes” to a situation like that?!?

My friend Lei and her mom have been uber gracious about giving Kelly and I furniture for our apartment over the last year that is fabulous, at the ridiculous price of free. All of the pieces are made from solid wood materials and beautiful fabric from Crate and Barrel. None of the pieces we have received have needed any major touch-ups or refinishing.

To date, we have received four new chairs for our kitchen and an adorable small white hutch for our living room. Not long ago, Lei asked if I was interested in a dining room table, six chairs and a hutch. Not being one to pass an opportunity up I went over to check out the goods. The table, chairs and hutch matched my current sideboard and china cabinet perfectly. Don’t you think? And as you can see, Stella loves the new carpet in the living room!

New dining room table

New hutch

Also while I was over there, Lei and her mom said I could take a carpet and additional dresser if I wanted in addition. So naturally I totally took them up on their offer. The new carpet went in the living room and is a great addition. It’s a little more modern than what Kelly and I gravitate to, but it’s definitely growing on me. Plus it’s amazingly cushy and comfortable.

Wondering what happened to the old dining room items and dresser? All donated to Matt’s new house. He totally made out like a bandit.  Again, one helpful reason why he didn’t say no to the furniture :).

Now, with the dining room all set I’m off to actual furniture projects that do need work! I’m proud to write that I have a quick project update regarding Kelly’s new desk.  Last week I started working on it so I could hopefully surprise her when she comes back after recuperating from her surgery. But my cover was blown this Saturday when she stopped by to pick up a few items from the apartment. She still looked impressed by my cleaning, sanding and first few coats of paint. Three coats later I’m looking like I’ll still need another two. Here is the progress so far:

Desk drawers

3 coats of paint later…

Stay tuned more updates on the desk to come!


A Desk for Kelly April 18, 2012

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For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to clear out our front landing. Currently it’s housing a few TV’s, a chair, a sideboard, desk and a few other random oddities. Most of the stuff we’ll be donating to a Relay for Life garage sale next week and the rest is either going back to Kelly’s dad’s house or to Matt’s house.  All except for one item…the desk.

Last year my friend Mia asked if I wanted a free desk. She had picked it up at her neighbor’s garage sale fifteen years ago. Somehow it got placed at the bottom of her to-do list and sat for another five years in her garage. Knowing that I like to re-do furniture, she offered it to me.

I took Kelly along for the ride as she’s in the market for a desk. It’s just the right size and has nice detailing giving it a nice personality. A few of the shelves were in need of help and Matt and his dad actually completely rebuilt the top one in the photo below. Wood looks a little newer doesn’t it? And yes, the bottom drawer also needs a little help from Matt as well. It’s in the works!

The Desk

So what am I going to do with it? Well, my inspiration came from the bamboo chair Kelly reupholstered. I’m going to blow up the pattern and stencil it onto the desk. After of course a good cleaning, sanding and base paint job. Here are the colors Kelly picked out:

Paint Colors!

They’re going to compliment the chair perfectly! I’m not sure yet about hardware. Most likely Kelly and I will have to schedule a trip to Hobby Lobby in the near future to check out a few options.

I’m looking forward to working on the desk and maybe even having some help…thanks Matt for volunteering! More photos on progress to come in the future!


The Bench Finale! April 4, 2012

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So after Tom yelled at me for not completing my homework of actually finishing the bench, in one of my recent posts, I decided to finally take care of business.

The few last items I had to take care of included painting and upholstery. The remaining items to be painted were the “spindles” as I’m calling them that are almost arm rests for the bench.


Painted Spindles

Once that was completed I moved on to re-upholstering the bench top. Luckily I had an extra pillow sham that I put to use. I only had to tear apart a few seems in the back to make it slip on like a glove. With my trust staple gun I got to work. Pulling the corners tight I started stapling from the left and worked my way around. The key is definitely to make sure you’re holding the fabric as taught to the back. I think the final product turned out well.

Fabric on the bench seat

All my last final pieces were finally done. I’d like to say I’m finished with my homework now. Hopefully Tom doesn’t take of any points for being late…

The Final Product!


Project Update: A Bench March 14, 2012

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I’m not sure if you remember, but back in June, I posted an article about a bench. It was a great Craiglist find and sat comfortably in my room for three years. Somehow it always stayed on the back burner of my project lists. The bench was only on display in my room so it was easy to pass it by and think I’ll just get to that later.

Well, finally, later has arrived. What boosted the determination to get ‘er done?  Simply put, it’s the warm weather. Back over Christmas break I was able to sand the bench down. However, that blip of warm weather didn’t last long enough for me to get a few coats of paint on the bench. So it sat out on the porch waiting for the warmer weather to return.

Luckily, this week we’ve been enjoying mid 60’s with light breezes. Perfect for painting! Since it’s going in my bedroom, I wanted it to match the end tables I refinished last year.

Monday evening I was able to finish a few sanding touch-ups and get the first layer of paint. Tuesday after work I layered on the second coat and third coat. I was hoping I would be able to finish it up tonight but looks like the detail work will have to wait for later this week. But at least you can see somewhat of a final production.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t worry I’ll post about the final outcome next week complete with pictures.

So you’re probably wondering what’s the next project? Well, it’s actually a desk for Kelly and it’s going to be awesome! Better stay tuned for updates!


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