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4th of July Festivities July 5, 2011

This weekend was full of so much fun I can hardly concentrate on one thing to write about.  First off, some of my friends invited me to try out the Green City Market in Lincoln Park and {minus the early wake up} we had fun exploring.  Here is my haul:

 One cool thing about this market is each vendor has a sign on their stall which tells a bit about their operation and tells you how many miles away it is located.  I was fascinated by this and was happy to see MI, WI, and of course IL Farmers represented:

  All in all it was a nice market and it was fun to explore a new one, but it was a bit of a trek and didn’t carry much that our local one doesn’t already have.  We ran over to Whole Foods after that and I was amazed at how ginormous this place is.  There is even a 3-4 story parking garage attached…pretty snazzy!  Once inside, I was struck by how their produce department is set up to look like a Farmer’s Market…check out their layout and a sign about their support of local produce:

  • I hung out with Dave’s family and played Bocce Ball for the first time.  I wasn’t too bad…at least the team I was on won.
  • I spent a lot of time at the pool which really means reading in the sun {don’t worry I was wearing my SPFs} and jumping in the pool once or twice.
  • Sunday I needed to get to work on the dessert I promised to bring to my cousin’s 4th of July BBQ.  I decided to make a flag out of mini cheesecakes!  I know it’s a bit late to make a flag now, but you could make the mini cakes for any occasion and just switch up the décor.  Here is what you’ll need:

By the way I got this recipe from Ms. Bakerella and you can find it here.  I loved making this because it was ridiculously easy.  This coming from a practical non-baker {I swear}.  Here are the things I changed up: the size of the cupcake holders {I couldn’t find 2 inch cups ANYWHERE- not in the 6 stores I tried!}, I used strawberries and blueberries instead of cherry pie filling, and I put the cupcake holders into a muffin tin when baking instead of standing them on a cookie sheet {I tried the cookie sheet but the cups kept spreading out and threatening to spill in the oven}.

All you do is mix the ingredients together, place vanilla wafers in the bottoms of the cupcake holders and then pour the mixture on top.  Bake for 20 minutes and wala!  I waited until the day of the party to add the fruit so it wouldn’t run and here is how they look:

PS- Go Cubbies!


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