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Sew Fantastic November 27, 2011

The only things I had sewn before in my life (other than many loose buttons onto coats and shirts) were a pair of flannel pajama pants and a pillow in home economics class in junior high.  And let me tell you, those pajama pants were an embarrassment: they were wider than they were long (I honestly think I may have flip-flopped the pattern at some point during execution on accident).  I went on another and long anticipated sewing adventure a few weeks ago with my friend Krista.

This was another one of those coupon adventures through Living Social that we thought looked like a fun girls’ adventure.  It was at an adorable new shop in Denver called Fabric Bliss, where they not only teach sewing classes, but the adorable young woman who owns it sells vibrant and original fabrics for you to use in class or on your own.  She also teaches knitting classes, which may be something we could try down the line.

My station, all ready to get started!

We walked in and saw the bag we were supposed to make.  It was just a simple tote, but it was so well-made and modern looking that I immediately turned to Krista and confessed that I had zero confidence in my own ability to make mine match the sample.  But our instructor patiently proceeded through the project step by step, adding some comedic relief and a lot of compliments about our abilities in the mix (which really went a long way!), and slowly my bag started to look a lot better than I originally expected.

Taking this sewing class got me thinking about how nice it would be to have a sewing machine so I could follow patterns, create handmade home accents, and maybe even create some clothes and accessories for myself someday!  Therefore, immediately I knew a Brother sewing machine had to top my Christmas list.  My mom was excited to hear this, and I know she already ordered it online (some of you may argue that this isn’t fun that I already know what I’m getting, but I’m so excited about it that I will be dreaming about unwrapping it from now til Christmas, so I feel as though the ‘fun’ of it all will certainly not be lacking).  My mom loves to give gifts that can be used and keep giving, so she was thrilled to steal this item off my list.

I can’t wait to start creating more totes and lots of other projects.  I’m planning on taking a few more classes at Fabric Bliss too, because obviously after only one I haven’t completely shed my fear of recreating those flannel pajama pants that I still have nightmares about.  But the sewing thing is a new endeavor that I can’t wait to continue to explore!

My finished product, I was so proud!


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