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Growing A Garden June 13, 2012

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As a child, I grew up helping my mom with our family garden. Each spring we would pick out different vegetables to plant. We always had the usual staples: tomatoes, radishes, carrots, lettuce, pumpkins, raspberries and strawberries. I have so many great memories of spending time in the side yard with both of my parents. I never had a problem getting my hands dirty and helping my mom dig neat rows for the vegetables. And of course I would volunteer to help water the plants with my dad…but sometimes I think we watered each other more than the plants.

Over the last three years since Kelly and I have been in the apartment, we’ve basically kept to potted flowers. Last year we tried our hands on one tomato plant. I think we got one tomato from the plant and the alley squirrel took the rest! We haven’t had time to go get our flowers/plants for this year due to Kel’s surgery and me being a little busy. We’re holding out for some excellent end of season sales. 🙂

So until Kelly and I go shopping for our plants, I did receive an opportunity to expand from pots. Matt offered a strip of already open dirt for planting in his backyard. And of course I took him up on his offer. When Jill was in town a few weeks ago, she helped me pick out a few herbs and vegetables at the Oak Park farmer’s market. I ended up getting three tomato plants (two “beefeaters” and one roma), one yellow pepper plant, oregano, basil, chives and french thyme.

I was a little worried about the plants because I didn’t have the chance to get them in the ground right away. I think the oregano died, but amazingly the rest of the plants are doing great since they’ve been officially grounded. It’s amazing how they can bounce back with a little water, some fertilizer and a lot of love.

The mini garden

I’m really looking forward to how the garden does this summer and fall. Keep your eye out for posts on the first tomato and pepper from the garden. I might also do a few recipe posts using ingredients from the garden or even from the CSA. Stay tuned!


Herbage. July 13, 2011

I know that’s not a real word, but it describes what I’ve been projecting lately.  On Sunday, Jonathan and I decided to explore the Pearl Street Farmers Market to see what it had to offer.  Let me just say, we will certainly be returning, since the variety and cutesy-ness of it all was almost too much to handle.  We started at the far end of the market for a quick brunch at the Pajama Baking Company, where the brunch was not only delectable, but surprisingly affordable {always a plus for me}. 

Inside Pajama Baking Company, a repurposed garage


We browsed the market, finding everything from handmade soaps and shampoos to your typical home-grown produce to homemade pestos and sauces.  One of the most unique things we saw at the market was the ‘truck garden,’ there to promote growing your own herbs, fruits, and veggies…even if you don’t have a backyard!  That got Jonathan and I thinking, we should start growing some herbs to use while cooking.  We have really deep windowsills in our apartment, and the bedrooms get an unreal amount of sunlight, so we knew we could make it work. 

We started by picking up some herbs we knew we wanted to grow…basil, garlic chives, and rosemary.  We thought we would want to add dill later {they didn’t have it at the market}, but I later found from my neighborhood greenhouse owner that most of Colorado doesn’t even try to grow {much less sell} dill because it’s too ‘delicate’ and herb to survive the lack of oxygen and water that most parts of Colorado experience.  So instead, a unique ‘hot and spicy oregano’ joined the mix. 

Our entire collection of goodies from the day

Then we got a plain wooden expandable planter {I was pulling for this particular planter to be our winner, since I knew it would be easily customizable to our space}, and took everything home.  I painted the planter a simple beige, adding some spice with white polka dots…we went with neutrals so we can move the planter when we feel it’s necessary so our herbs can get all the right sunlight,  but it won’t clash with the decor in any room.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Once we had purchased our final addition, the oregano plant, I went to getting my hands dirty and putting our little herb babies in the planter together.  I hope they grow, and I can’t wait to use them in many recipes!

Our complete mini herb garden!


Getting Dirty June 8, 2011

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Next to decorating the apartment for Christmas, my second favorite thing that Kelly and I do together is spring planting. I guess you could say it’s like Christmas in July – especially this year since we’re a little delayed!

For the past month I’ve been chomping at the bit to get plants for our porch. Over the years we’ve collected a few pots and tables to showcase our beautiful flowers. With a cool spring and busy weekends, they were lonely, as we were not able to go until last week!

Our flower/plant budget was $40 thanks to a few items we sold on craigslist. We first tried Good Earth Green House but unfortunately it was closed. So we headed to our back up, and forever-loyal, Home Depot (which is ironic because it’s also where we go to get our Christmas trees).

Kelly made a nifty “outline” of how many pots we had and what size they were so we could have a good estimate on the total amount of plants/flowers we would actually need.

Outline in hand, we started outside perusing the aisles of “sun” loving flowers and plants for our porch that faces directly west. Here is what we decided on, and we only went $10 over budget including dirt:

  • Fernleaf Dill
  • Husky Cherry Red (Cherry tomatoes)
  • 2 Sweet Potato Vines (one green and one purple)
  • Vinca Vine
  • Zinnias
  • Firecrackers
  • Pansies
  • Forget Me Nots
  • Basil seeds – which Kelly posted about yesterday!

By the time we got home from the store we were exhausted and it was dark out. So we decided to plant the next day. We cut a garbage bag in half and covered an area on our porch to make sure our neighbors below would not get any sprinkles of dirt on their porch and got to work planting!

About halfway done with the planting

We organized which plants we wanted in which pot and discovered we needed two extra pots. Luckily we had a few mini ones hiding in the storage closet that we used.  Once that was settled Kelly was the official dirt scooper and I got the flowers out of their containers. It was a great set up and before you knew it we were done!

I think the porch turned out nice. You can also see the final result of the wicker shelf that I spray-painted green. It’s currently providing a very nice home to the vinca vine and pansies. What do you think?

The Final Result!


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