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Celebrate the Season October 30, 2011

Last night Jonathan and I had a full on festive celebration with our friends Jeff and Krista in honor of tomorrow…Halloween!  Krista was such an excellent hostess, and I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I think you can combine to create a happy Halloween after college.  Because in college I {probably like most of you reading this} just had to throw on a costume and go to a frat party for a fun Halloween.  Once you’re a grown-up life is a little different, but you can adultify your holidays and still have a great time 🙂

Recipe for a festive fall celebration…

1.  Pumpkin carving

2.  Roasting pumpkin seeds {Krista and I discovered this year that the best and easiest way to create delicious seeds is by adding Lowry’s seasoned salt to your pan before you throw them in the oven}

3.  Fall-themed cocktails like spiced cider with rum and mulled wine

4.  A warm meal of soup

5.  A delicious dessert of homemade pumpkin cupcakes {Krista did an awesome job on these, and they were so delicious I’ve eaten about half a dozen of them because she sent some home with us, too!}

6.  Homemade costumes for a costume party…we went with 90’s themed toys this year…troll dolls and teenage mutant ninja turtles, and crafted them all ourselves!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate this season?  I’m always looking for delicious recipes and festive ideas to try, so don’t be shy and share with Uncharted 🙂


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