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New Year And Hopefully A New House January 7, 2015

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Time to clean up the holidays. This weekend we’ll take down our Christmas decorations and pack them away carefully. I anticipate putting away our holiday decor will be a little bittersweet around our house. Oh, I’m sure we’ll be blasting music and trying to get Porter to dance around the house with us, but we’ll be wrapping up the last Christmas in our first place together. Yep, we’re saying good-bye to our little abode and starting the house-hunt this year!

Excited, anxious and nervous round out my emotions nicely. I’ve already been scanning Realtor.com, Zillow and Redfin to get an idea of the local market. Plus it’s fun to look around. What have to we done to really prepare? Back in 2014, Matt and I met with a real estate agent and mortgage broker. We asked to be walked through the home-buying process. What keywords should we know (radon, for example), what different types of mortgages are available, how much should we expect closing to cost, and are there any “hidden fees”? An hour later we left with our heads full of information and only slightly spinning.

Armed with our facts, we’re starting to learn more about construction and if we see a house where we’d want to do a few upgrades, understanding the costs associated with them. We’ve even outlined our wishlist of a future home with a few negotiable and non-negotiable items. Our tentative plan is to re-group with our realtor at the end of this month and layout our plan to purchase our first house around late spring/summer.

2015 will sure be an exciting year and I’m looking forward to sharing with you our adventures in buying our first house.        


{a new} Home Sweet Home May 1, 2014

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I’m so excited to share with you all that we are officially homeowners!  Yesterday, we closed on an adorable single family home in Denver.  Now I can finally start making all my Pinterest decorative dreams come true.  It’s tough living in rented units sometimes, because even though apartment living feels urban-chic, you can only do so much to an apartment to make it feel like home.  Often you are limited with painting, and you don’t want to bust your budget on furniture that may not be ‘forever’ furniture.  When we moved to Denver, Jonathan and I meshed some of our own things, and bought some new together.  We were limited to very specific couch dimensions that would fit our square-footage, and were stuck with the wall colors as they were.  We did the best we could, but I’m ready to move on.

What I’m excited for:

  • investing in some quality, classy, grown-up furniture pieces
  • picking paint colors
  • wood floors!
  • a backyard (grilling, gardening, sitting in the sun!)
  • hanging as many pictures and paintings as I want and not worrying about losing any of my security deposit for making the walls holey
  • starting fresh and mixing styles with fun new pieces and not trying to force old pieces to fit together
  • having an excuse to purge (let’s be honest, moving stinks, but it’s nice when it’s all over to have been forced to shred old bills and donate clothes you haven’t worn since you moved in)

Needless to say, I’m also looking forward to posting our progress as we do a few touch ups to our new home before we move in and as we continue to really make it ours.



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