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On the Lookout October 9, 2013

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Unpacking is coming along pretty well.  Sunday I finally got through the two biggest boxes.  I was pretty impressed with myself (it’s the little things).  Now I’ve moved my concentration onto decorating.  Since the living room is probably where most my time is spent that is the first room I’m concentrating on.  My new living room came with a black leather couch and a black TV stand.  I was able to also fit one of my grey leather chairs along with it’s ottoman and my bamboo chair in the room.  Does anyone remember the bamboo chair I had reupholstered a few years back?  You can refresh your memory here, but the fabric I chose had a pretty yellow and grey floral pattern on it.  This is the inspiration for the décor in the room!  The colors will be black, grey, and yellow. 

There really isn’t any furniture I need to purchase for the room other than a coffee table.  The main thing I feel I’m missing is a rug.  I keep seeing pillows and accents that I like, but I’m afraid that whatever rug I end up with won’t match these.  A rug is much more expensive so I am holding off on the other items until I have that settled.  I measured the space in the middle of the room and determined I should buy a 7 x 9 foot rug.  My sister and I attended a talk with a professional decorator earlier this year and he made the suggestion that a rug never reaches all the way to the edge of the room and that it should be anchored by the largest piece of furniture in the room.  Now that I decided on a black/grey/yellow color theme, I feel like I can’t find anything that fits the bill!  On top of the color scheme and size restriction I’ve put on myself, I can’t decide if I want a plush rug or if a woven one would be okay.

Here are a few choices I’ve found so far.  Thoughts?  Have you seen any yellow rugs I might like? 

Morocann Trellis

From RugsUSA- Comes in 7×9
Is currently 55% off!


From RugsUSA- Sold out in 7×9
Currently 55% off!


From Ikea- 5’7″ x 7’10”
Reasonable price, but woven


Kicking it to the Krrb September 10, 2013

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As of today, I have officially secured a new apartment!  Yay!  Now I can stop worrying about a place to live and start worrying about moving…which to be honest I had already started as illustrated in my post two weeks ago about Craigslist.  Can’t call me a procrastinator in that department!  I talked in that post about making an inventory of stuff, but now I have organized it into a spreadsheet that covers each room in my current apartment and then contains four tabs: New Apartment, Dad’s House, Sell, and Trash.  There is a tab called Dad’s House because he is nice enough to let me keep some furniture there that won’t quite fit in my new place.  I went through each room in the current apartment and recorded each piece of my furniture onto one of the tabs.  I’ve called a few moving companies and they like to know exactly what they’ll be moving so that was a helpful exercise.  We’ll see what ends up being the best option, but it’s looking to be a bit pricey since my things will be traveling to my new apartment and my dad’s house.

There isn’t too much to get rid of.  There are two pieces that are damaged and just plain worn out that will go in the trash.  There has been a lot of donating along the way.  It’s kind of scary how much stuff I had, but really didn’t need or want.  Then there are the items to sell.  After selling a rug and the wooden day bed (to a lovely home!), there are six pieces that I or Karla and I would still like to sell.  I know I wrote a whole post about Craigslist, but has anyone heard of a website called Krrb?  It’s pronounced like ‘curb’ and it’s a newer site that my sister introduced me to.  You can choose to buy, sell, rent, trade, or post something for free.  Here is how they describe themselves:

Krrb (pronounced ‘curb’) is a hyperlocal, curiously global classifieds made just for you. A most epic scavenger hunt at your fingertips where you can thrift, scavenge, rummage and discover local treasures – in your neck of the woods or over yonder.


I really like it a lot so far.  It seems simpler to post and they even have a phone app so you can take pictures as you are posting and check in at any time to see if anyone has inquired about an item you are selling.

krrb mobile

 Each item you post costs 1 credit, but the posting does not expire until it is sold or you remove it.  You can earn free credits multiple ways, but when you join you automatically get 10 credits, so that’s 10 items you can post for free right off the bat!  If you run out of free credits, you can purchase them anywhere from $1 – 50 cents depending on how many you buy at one time.  I just started using it and posted a couple items on there.  If you’ve used it before tell me what you think!  Hopefully I can get everything still on the ‘sell list’ sold so we won’t have to deal with it when we move.  Wish me luck!


Planning for the Big Apple April 9, 2013

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My sister and I are planning a last minute trip to NYC.  It’s been almost exactly 14 years since we were last there.  We have been furiously planning this past week because the trip is a bit last minute.  While it can be a bit nerve-wracking, I actually love last minute trips because you don’t have to wait so long.  You plan and then get to experience it all right away!

We are somewhat methodical when planning a trip {this is a huge understatement}.  First thing we do is start a Google spreadsheet in Drive and share it with each other.  Then we get to work on creating different tabs: Dining, To-Dos, Flight Information, and Accommodations.  For New York our columns consist of: Item, Neighborhood, Address, Phone, Hours, Cost, Website, and Notes.  We set to work by filling in things to do and places to eat by researching online and asking around for some opinions {Asking for opinions on Facebook landed me 13 likes and 14 comments so far!}.  We only add things we think we might be interested in, but just because it’s on the spreadsheet doesn’t mean it will actually happen.  We try to keep the idea in our heads that if something doesn’t go according to plan we are okay with that.  In fact we usually prioritize what items are must do’s and which ones we can live without.  Seeing a play on Broadway was a must so we already booked tickets to see Chicago while we’re there.  After we have plenty on there, my sister usually starts mapping and color coding the items that are closest to each other.  This way we can see what makes sense to visit in the same day.  This requires some time and effort, but pays off big time when you realize you would have had to zig-zag and trek all around the city if you didn’t take the time to plan according to location.  Here is screen shot of the spreadsheet:

travel plan

We also made spreadsheets for our DC trip with our cousin and our NOLA trip together a few years back.  I would say we get better at it with each trip.  It’s very helpful if you want to experience a lot.  If you just want to relax, it’s probably not the ideal way for you, in fact you might want to go without a plan and see what happens.  I personally feel like I’m missing out if I don’t have a plan.  Reminds me of setting a goal list.  It’s easier to accomplish goals if you have them laid out.  If you have any recommendations for our trip please comment and let us know.  We especially like to hear about places to eat.  It’s not hard to figure out where our priorities lie!


Wedding Update November 7, 2012

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To give my elbow a break from ranting this week, how about some wedding updates?

Last time I checked in with you it was to inform you of all the craft making for my best friend, Jill’s wedding, and when I said yes to my dress. We’ve made quite a bit of progress since then.

What have we done?

  • Selected our ceremony site
  • Selected our reception venue
  • Booked a photographer
  • Choose our wedding colors
  • Finalized budget
  • Pretty much finalized our guest list
  • Choose our attendants
  • Selected components of our centerpieces
  • Took our engagement photos with Redwall Photography – check them out! I’ve got one example for you below as a teaser.

  • Engagement Shot courtesy of Redwall Photography

On the horizon

  • Choosing a DJ
  • Selecting a hair/make-up artist
  • Securing lodging (finalizing this week)
  • Choosing flowers (hopefully in two weeks)
  • Selecting bridesmaid dresses (getting some ideas this weekend!)
  • Creating our “brand” for the wedding

We’re making great progress. We’re setting goals and achieving them realistically within our budget. I’m glad we’re getting a lot of the major components out of the way now to avoid potential wrinkles down the line, because we all know how things can come up at the last minute!

Going through the process with Matt has also been really fun. We’ve had great conversations about what we want and what we definitely do not want. Having his involvement has been wonderful. He keeps things light and funny, from not knowing “branding” was necessary for a wedding to getting just as stoked as myself about our potential centerpieces.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Wedding Planning Begins August 15, 2012

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I did fail to mention one item in last week’s blog post about our camping adventures. Matt proposed on the dock of our lake in northern Wisconsin exactly two weeks and one day ago today. We’re both thrilled and excited for what the future will bring. Right now, we’re enjoying the moment and cherishing all of the kindness we’ve received over the announcement of our engagement from our families and friends. We are truly blessed to have amazing people in our lives.

Here’s a picture of the ring too. He did so well!!!

The ring!

Naturally, I want to keep the Uncharted readers up to speed about this whole wedding process. I’m looking forward to sharing tips and lessons learned as we plan. So what have I been up to in two weeks? Do I have a date set? We have been up to a few things, but no, no date set yet – just a season – fall. Here is a rundown of what we’ve accomplished so far.

  1. Gather Resources – My best friend Jill sent me her amazing wedding spreadsheet. I then uploaded it to Google Docs so Matt and I have a centralized location to modify the document as we go. My soon to be little sister in-law gave me wedding magazines and a wedding planner to help guide us in the process. Last but not least Pinterest. Hola meca of visual representations of everything from color schemes, centerpieces, favors to cakes and more! It’s an amazing resource to gather ideas for item number 2!
  2. Build a planning committee – Technically, this could be a subcategory of “gather resources”. To help me work through things, I appreciate having a sounding board. So I asked a few of my close friends to help me talk through the festivities. I trust that they’ll tell me “no” that is not a good idea and/or “yes” that is a good idea. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!
  3. Establish a Budget – We set our budget last week. Now we just have to research what different items cost and stay under budget. I do love a challenge and hunting for bargains, so this should be fun and interesting!
  4. Hire a photographer – Matt and I are extremely fortunate to have a very talented friend who is a professional photographer. We were able to book an engagement shoot right away and check her schedule for tentative dates in fall of 2013. When you have the chance check out Tasha’s work at Redwall Photography. We’re thrilled to work with her!

That’s the update for now. Check back for more wedding details!


Party Planning March 29, 2012

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A good party goes off without a hitch due to thoughtful planning. A multitude of details need to be considered and addressed accordingly. You have to think about guests, menus, invitations, favors, and games or activities. None of which can be pulled together on a whim unless you’re a professional event planner with 20+ years of experience.

I’d like to think though that over the years, Kelly and I have thrown some stellar parties. And the key to our success has been with the planning. We’ve hosted birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and most recently a baby shower for our friends Tom and Kim.

Hosting a baby shower was new territory for Kelly and I. Both of us have been invited to a few over the years but never have either of us had to host one. Regardless, we had a great time putting together Tom and Kim’s. As soon as I found out Kim was pregnant I asked if we could host a shower for them. Naturally they said yes, and after this weekend, I’m pretty sure they’re really glad they did.

Immediately Kelly and I got to work with a Google spreadsheet document. Google docs are a wonderful way to keep information up to date and have the ability to have multiple editors updating simultaneously. We started by creating different tabs of what we would need: a guest list with names and addresses, invitation ideas, menu, utensils, decoration ideas, games and activities and last but not least, a budget to keep us on track.

Kelly was amazing at finding different decorations and activities for us to do. We both scoured the internet and Pinterest for ideas. When we found something we liked we added it to the Google spreadsheet. As the time got closer to the actual date, we kept on reviewing what we needed to get done and kept each other accountable.

One item that helped immensely was getting everything set up as much as possible the day before. Kelly and I both cooked and got prep work done on Saturday for the brunch on Sunday. We also moved chairs and tables around the night before. That created a nice buffer of time to let us deal with last minute items on Sunday.

And I must say, we threw one darn good party. Folks enjoyed the food, activities and talking with one another. And maybe the champagne helped just a little. But I think it was mostly due to the incredible tag team of Karla and Kelly. Check out a few photos below from the party!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


All the Single Ladies October 13, 2010

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The past two weekends I’ve attended a couple weddings.  I had three weddings to attend last August and was really excited to receive invitations to two weddings this October.  I am going to be pretty sad when my friends get out of the wedding phase.  It’s really a great expression of who a couple is.  Have you ever noticed that the personality of the couple is reflected in the feeling of the wedding?  I know there are people who do not like going to weddings.  They ask, ‘Do I have to go to the church?’  Are you kidding me!?  That’s the most important part!  I swear to you I am not a girl whose sole dream in life is to get married.  I have a degree, started a career that I love, and I do have a boyfriend, but I’m really in no hurry to walk down the aisle.  That being said I may or may not have a document on my computer with all the wedding ideas I really love….

Seriously before you judge me just put yourself in my shoes.  I crave details, I like to have a plan.  Weddings contain so many details.  Details that someday, I want to be perfect.  There are the flowers, the vows, the dress, the cake, and the daddy/daughter dance…tons of details!  I can’t possibly come up with all of those things in a traditional engagement time period.  So I figure I can start taking notes now and by the time I do get married I’ll be prepared.


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