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Jewelry Display Board March 11, 2014

I am very excited to share this project with you.  I got the idea from my sister when she moved into her new apartment.  She put together her new bedroom and wanted a place to display her jewelry so she’d know what she has.  Anyone else have that issue?  You don’t know what you even own?  I am guilty of that, so my interest was piqued when I saw her fabric covered bulletin board as a jewelry display.  It took me awhile to get my act together, but I finally did and now I want to show you how to make your very own jewelry display board.

Items needed:

Bulletin Board in the size you prefer.  I used 3ftx2ft
Fabric of your choice
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Lint Roller
Push Pins

This is actually a super simple project.  The hardest part for me was picking a fabric I liked.  I looked for at least an hour in a fabric store and when I finally found the one I wanted, it was only available in quilting squares.  In the end I found the exact same fabric in an Etsy shop and had it mailed to me.  When I received my fabric it was nicely folded in the package, but this meant wrinkles which I didn’t want to show up on my board.  So I grabbed my mini steamer, draped the fabric over my shower curtain and got to work steaming out all the wrinkles.  I think this step is important and once you glue the fabric you really can’t go back and do this so I suggest you take the time.  If you don’t have a steamer you can use an iron {I bought my steamer so I could avoid ironing forever!}.

Once the fabric was wrinkle-free I laid it out on a clean flat surface.  I turned on my glue gun to get it heated up.  Then I unwrapped the board from its packaging and laid it in the middle of the fabric.   I proceeded to wrap the board with the fabric as if it were a birthday present while using the hot glue as I went along.  See my photo below to see what I mean:


It doesn’t have to look beautiful in the back because that part will be hidden.  They key is to make sure all the sides are taut before you glue.  You don’t want the fabric to sag later when you hang or stand up the board.  I flipped mine over once it was done and of course it was covered in cat hair so I grabbed my lint roller and removed all the unnecessary fur.


Look at all that gross cat hair!

Then it was time to get to work displaying all my necklaces!  I opened up the wooden set of pushpins my sister gave me for Christmas {aren’t they cure?} and started playing around with an arrangement that would fit everything.  After awhile I was pretty happy with how it looked so I stopped messing with it and declared the project done.  You’ll notice I ran out of the pretty wooden pushpins near the bottom and had to use the classic red, blue, and yellow pushpins.  Hopefully I can find some more wooden ones so the whole board matches.  The only issue is now that I have a way to display necklaces, and I’ve already created an earring organizer, it has become clear to me that I need a way to display bracelets.  I’ll add it to the list of projects!

set upjewels



Ombré Bangle August 6, 2013

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Sometimes projects can be sneaky. I have a whole board of Pinterest projects I’d like to do try out, but the other night I was organizing things in the third bedroom when I saw a wooden bracelet in a donation pile of Karla’s. I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. I asked Karla if I could save it from the pile. As soon as she gave me the go ahead I busted out my glue gun and started to work.

Here are all the materials I used:


I’ve had that multicolored yarn for ages, but it wasn’t a good consistency (fluffy enough) for the flowers I used to create. This was the perfect use because I needed the yarn to lay very flat and have no fluff! Plus it looks like a lot of work without hardly any because the color of the yarn changes on its own creating an ombre effect rather than me patching a pattern together myself. Anyway let’s get to the directions.

1. Heat up the glue gun and cut a long enough piece of yarn to wrap around the whole thing.
2. Smear a little glue on the bracelet and immediately place the end of your yarn on there.

3. Begin to wrap the yarn around the bracelet.
4. You’ll need to move quickly because the glue dries very fast. You’ll know it’s dry because the yarn will stop sticking to the bracelet.
5. Each time you stop to add more glue, you have to untangle the length of yarn that wraps itself on the bracelet before you can continue.

6. Before you know it you’ll have a new accessory to wear!

I’ve noticed these bracelets in stores lately and I just created my own version in 10 minutes only using items on hand. You could experiment with other materials. Maybe ribbon instead of yarn? The possibilities are endless!


Swinging into Fall! September 11, 2012

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I need your help.  I have a new project started, but it’s a bit daunting to me so I am going to tell you about it in hopes that I will have to complete it if I tell people about it.  Way back in March I was in JoAnn Fabrics with Karla and found  a fabric I just fell in love with {buttery yellow houndstooth!}.  I had no idea what I would do with it, but as I told the women who was cutting my fabric this she pointed out that the patterns were on super sale.  I have never sewn a piece of clothing in my life.  Did I let this stop me?

Nope!  I decided to try and make a swing jacket out of my lovely fabric (the jacket is pictured above in white}.  My sister and I were babysitting our goddaughter this weekend.  I decided to bring along the fabric and pattern and see if she could help me get started with the thing.  My first reaction after opening the pattern and attempting to read the instructions was:

‘I give up!’

All the contents and foreign sewing language was overwhelming me!  Kate suggested I start off by cutting out the different pieces.  So that is what I did first.  This calmed me down because I felt confident that I could cut out some shapes.  I did have to figure out what size to make the jacket, but once I made a decision on that I just followed the corresponding dotted line and cut my little heart out!

Here is my patterns all cut out!

Once all the patterns were cut I set aside the fabric and patterns and took a breather.  I thought I was done for the evening.  I put it all away and Kate and I watched some TV.  After awhile she fell asleep and I resolved to get a little more work done on this project.  I took everything out again and went onto the next step: cutting the fabric using the patterns.  I followed the instructions and folded my fabric in half.  Then I following the little picture they provided, I was able to layout the patterns on the fabric so everything fit like a puzzle!

Next, I grabbed my sister’s cutting mat and rotary cutter and set to work!

Just a little side note on the rotary cutter…this thing was amazing!  I thought it would be hard work to cut though the fabric using this thing.  I was wrong!  I only had to apply a little pressure and make sure the cutting mat was under the fabric and it cut very easily.  I actually had to slow myself down so I could follow the patterns.

Phew, that was enough work for one night!

I felt pretty accomplished at this point so that was as far as I got.  Now that I’ve shared this project start up with all of you, I am going to have to get moving on it so I can be sure to update you all on my progress.  Wish me Luck!  Oh and does anyone know what the heck to ‘Baste’ is?


What to do- Project Plans June 26, 2012

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I know I shouldn’t care about how many friends I have.  It’s the quality, not the quantity right?  Most of the time that is true for me, except for one time of year….my birthday!  I know I talked about my birthday last week and I might be wearing this subject out, but every year I can’t help but counting up my birthday cards, texts, calls, and wishes on Facebook {58 this year!}.   I know most the time it’s just the stock, ‘Happy Birthday!!!’ but it gives me a little boost knowing that all my loved ones thought about me that day.  Believe it or not I love belated birthday messages too!  It just lengthens my birthday even longer.

Now that my birthday is over that means June is almost over.  I haven’t done a craft yet this month.  That seems to be one of the only goals I’ve been upholding this year so I plan on creating something before the clock strikes midnight this Saturday.  I received a glue gun from my GPs on my birthday so perhaps I can dig out my bag full of paper rolls and make something like this:

Toilet Paper Roll Art

I pinned this on Pinterest many months ago and even collected toilet paper and paper towel rolls and cut them into strips.  However, I misplaced my glue gun and never finished.  Might be an easy win for June.  I just can’t decide if I’ll paint it or not.

Another project I’ve been preparing for is something like this:

Bottle Cap Tray

I’ve been collecting bottle caps for some time, although I haven’t decided if I’ll use them to make a tray like in the link or perhaps some other item.  I don’t know how to say this other than I want whatever I make to look classy.  I’m not sure exactly how to pull that off, but I’m hoping some inspiration will hit me as I am collecting these…


A Desk for Kelly April 18, 2012

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For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to clear out our front landing. Currently it’s housing a few TV’s, a chair, a sideboard, desk and a few other random oddities. Most of the stuff we’ll be donating to a Relay for Life garage sale next week and the rest is either going back to Kelly’s dad’s house or to Matt’s house.  All except for one item…the desk.

Last year my friend Mia asked if I wanted a free desk. She had picked it up at her neighbor’s garage sale fifteen years ago. Somehow it got placed at the bottom of her to-do list and sat for another five years in her garage. Knowing that I like to re-do furniture, she offered it to me.

I took Kelly along for the ride as she’s in the market for a desk. It’s just the right size and has nice detailing giving it a nice personality. A few of the shelves were in need of help and Matt and his dad actually completely rebuilt the top one in the photo below. Wood looks a little newer doesn’t it? And yes, the bottom drawer also needs a little help from Matt as well. It’s in the works!

The Desk

So what am I going to do with it? Well, my inspiration came from the bamboo chair Kelly reupholstered. I’m going to blow up the pattern and stencil it onto the desk. After of course a good cleaning, sanding and base paint job. Here are the colors Kelly picked out:

Paint Colors!

They’re going to compliment the chair perfectly! I’m not sure yet about hardware. Most likely Kelly and I will have to schedule a trip to Hobby Lobby in the near future to check out a few options.

I’m looking forward to working on the desk and maybe even having some help…thanks Matt for volunteering! More photos on progress to come in the future!


Feb Project- Heart Wreath February 7, 2012

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Aspirations .25. Find one craft per month on Pinterest and complete it

My February’s craft is inspired by Valentine’s Day.  I know it’s cliché.  Believe it or not I ‘m not really a huge fan of the holiday.  I like to get a nice dinner out of the day, but I don’t really need Dave to buy $200 worth of roses.  It just feels very forced to me.  On the other hand I really do like decorating for the season because it’s cute and I like to have something to decorate for.  I saw a paper heart wreath on Pinterest that was done by The Hybrid Chick and decided I wanted to create one for myself!  I have a ton of scrapbook paper scraps laying around and thought it would be a good way to use it up.

Here are all the materials I needed in addition to pretty paper:

  1. I used  8 hearts to create this round wreath.  I noticed that Heather {from The Hybrid Chick} used double sided papers and I love that idea…it’s twice the adorableness.  To start, I measured and cut strips of paper 2in x 11in {this is where I realized I wouldn’t be able to use as much scrap as I thought}.  I got creative and glued one-sided paper together to make it double sided.
  2. After I had my strips measured and cut, I folded each of them in half and applied adhesive to one side only.

  3. Then I folded in both ends towards each other and matched them up to form a heart shape!

  4. Once all the hearts were made I tried some different arrangements until I found the perfect one:
  5. Now that I was happy with the arrangement of the wreath I placed mini glue dots on the outside of every other heart.  I pressed them all together and got a complete circle.
  6. Last but not least I chose a coordinating ribbon threaded it between two hearts and tied a knot.  I did this again three hearts down to create a hanger for the wreath.

Pretty cute, right?

When I proudly showed the final product to Dave he asked if that is what I spent my whole Sunday morning doing.  Typical man response!   I don’t think he is a crafty sort of person.  Now I can start surfing Pinterest again to find my next project.


If Walls Could Talk March 15, 2011

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One of my favorite things to do is get lost on the internet.  I find blogs and pictures and fascinate myself with other people’s seemingly perfect lives.  It is so addicting, but the problem is I get really wrapped up in what could be and hardly ever do something as a result.  However, once and awhile I fall so deeply in love with an idea that it ends up happening!  Remember Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce?  A long way back she posted about SJP’s bedroom wall collage on the set of Sex in the City.

I immediately fell in love with the idea and showed it to Karla.  She agreed that we should try to do it on our living room wall AND that we should each have 4 items by the end of the next week.  Not gonna lie, this assignment terrified me!  I liked the idea of doing the collage wall, but to actually have items picked and ready to hang so soon was a big commitment for me.

I went to Etsy to look at my favorites and see what would work.  I immediately picked a ‘Home Sweet Home’ print that I had been eying for awhile and ordered it.  I was super proud of myself that I had made progress.  That was until Karla showed me that she already had her 4 items for the collage.  She was serious about this deadline and it was scaring me.  I went back to Etsy and searched around for something else unique.  I found a women who sews initials in buttons onto pillows:

Isn't it Pretty?

I asked her if she could make me a ‘K’ and sew it onto a piece of fabric instead of making it into a pillow.  I then went and bought a sewing hoop, painted it eggshell, and proceeded to use a lot of hot glue.  Now I was up to 2 items…and Karla {that sneaker} was up to 5! <—This was the first lesson to me that if you give Karla an idea, she will make it happen…quickly.

I decided that Etsy worked great for unique items, but it was taking a lot of time and was expensive.   I ran over to good old Hob Lob and found a cross I really liked and a wooden sign with a cute birdy that tied all the colors together.  Wall décor was half off that day so I think I came home with both of them for around a total of $14 (Just as a side note: If you wait long enough it will eventually be 50% off at Hobby Lobby).  I couldn’t let Karla outdo me with 5 items and my problem was solved the weekend after the deadline when I was out shopping with my friends.  We were leaving a store and saw a mirrored Fleur de Lis.  I went back in to inquire about the cost and they told me all the mirrors were half off!  I had finally finished my assignment!

Later that day Karla and I set to work on arranging our items on the floor so we could see what it would look like on the wall.

Upside down bowl represents the Wall Nipple

It took awhile.  We had to work around the ‘nipple’ attached to the wall (we really aren’t sure what this is, but think it was an electrical outlet many years ago) and we rearranged a few times before it was just right.  Even though getting all the items stressed me out, in the end I think the wall collage is one of my favorite design elements in our apartment, what do you think?

It is Complete!

An Up Close Look


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