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Restyling in the Bathroom November 26, 2013

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Fom Lombard to Libertyville to Lincoln Park to Lockport, I was all over the Chicagoland area this weekend.  And for some reason all the towns I traveled to started with an ‘L.’ Not to worry, it was all for fun things, but it did tire me out and I can’t wait for the two days off at Thanksgiving so I can get some extra sleep.   Tonight I thought I’d show you the last project I wanted to do in my bathroom before I showed you the completed space:

old cab

My Cluttered Bathroom Cabinet

I have this little cabinet in my new bathroom, but I just hate how all this stuff looks here.  It’s just so cluttered and unattractive!  I decided it needed some styling and in order to get some inspiration I headed over to Pinterest.  I found this photo and the link said it was from readit.com.  I wasn’t able to find the original source there, but whoever you are, thank you for posting!

makeupbrushes inspa

I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on this so I looked around my apartment for ways to get a similar look.

The Tray:  Right away I thought about a white ceramic tray I had in my kitchen that could be used on this shelf.  It was originally a tray to hold cream and sugar, but since I don’t have much space to entertain anyways, I thought I’d borrow it for the bathroom.  I crossed my fingers as I placed it on the shelf and what do you know, it fit perfectly!

Brush Container:  A couple years ago for my birthday my sister gave me some lovely succulent plants.  When I moved, the last one died and I saved the little glass vase she used.  I had it in with craft stuff just waiting to be used for a project.  Again it was the perfect size.  All the brushes would still fit in the shelf even when standing up.

Container Filler: I needed something to hold the brushes in place.  This I needed a bit of help with so I made my way to Michaels.  Although the inspiration picture had clear glass beads, I knew I wanted a darker material so it would stand out in the clear vase.  I had a bag of black mini river rocks in my hand when I spotted a bag of sparkly black sand!  I knew immediately that is what I wanted to use.  The bag cost $2.99 and with my 25% off coupon I got it for $2.25.

Styling:  I came home and poured the sand in the vase and arranged my brushes and mascara in the vase.  I don’t wear much perfume or use Q-tips so I decided to go the functional route.  I added my face lotion, tinted moisturizer, and night cream on one side and my face powder and brush to the other.  I moved a plant that was in the dark and dying to the top shelf so it would get some sun way up high and moved some candles that were in my living room to the top shelf as well.  I was starting to get sick of these, but in the new space they don’t bother me so much.

after cab

What do you think?  It really makes the bathroom look classier and cleaner don’t you think?


Recycle & Reuse = Drawer Dividers August 13, 2013

After rushing to pack everything up for my dad, I felt like I needed to start packing up my apartment.  I at least wanted to start so I won’t be frantic as my move date looms closer and closer.  Moving everything he has has made me much more aware of how much stuff I have.  It really bothered me so I’ve decided to go through my things in order to organize what I’m keeping and either trash or donate the rest.  Last weekend I was going through a drawer to my dresser and remembered a pin I saw on Pinterest {surprise surprise right?}.  I opened up Miss Jen’s  I heart organizing blog on my phone and proceeded to make some drawer organizers!

All you need is:
Decorative paper-scrapbook or wrapping
Empty boxes

Using your marker, mark the place the drawer hits the box you are measuring.

drawing lines

I strayed from Jen’s instructions in this next step because I didn’t have very many boxes and I didn’t have a box cutter .  I had to get creative!  I turned the boxes over, measured the top end of the box and then broke down the boxes and easily cut right across with scissors.  I ended up making use of more box with this technique which made me happy.

cutting boxes

The marks I made while measuring are circled in green

After they were all cut I got out my tape and put the boxes back together and planned their arrangement inside my drawer.  You can sort of see below that I didn’t fill up the whole drawer with the organizers.  I didn’t want a whole drawer of them, but rather a section.  The beautiful thing about this project is there is a lot of room for customization.


Once you have your paper picked out you can set to work cutting the paper to wrap the boxes.  I had to do a bit of patchwork on my boxes which annoyed me.  Jen’s instructions made it look so easy, why was I struggling!?  Her instructions said to cut two strips of paper, place the paper in the bottom of the box, wrap it around the outsides, and tape the paper flaps to the bottom.  Then repeat in the other direction.  Check out her post, she has nice pictures to illustrate this.  I believe it ended up being harder for me because I started off using scrapbook paper and the 12×12 size was a bit too small for all my boxes.  I switched to wrapping paper on the last two boxes and it was so much easier.  In fact I would say don’t try to use scrapbook paper unless you have very small boxes to cover.


After a little time on the Struggle Train I managed to get all my boxes covered and organized in my drawer.  Don’t they look pretty?  I almost couldn’t bring myself to fill them up.


January Project: Glitter Votive Jars January 29, 2013

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Red Stamp pic

Over the weekend I went to see Les Mis with my sister and cousin.  It was my cousin’s third time seeing it!  I thought it was good, but not sure I would go a second time (or third).  The thing that bothered me is that that sing everything, even small conversations.  I enjoy musicals, but I guess I like them better with song numbers mixed in with normal conversations.  We made our way back to my apartment and started working on a mason jar project.  Well really it’s an any kind of jar project.  We used mason, spaghetti, candle, and relish jars.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you like the shape of it.  After making sure the jars were clean we gathered the rest of the supplies: Polyurethane, glitter, scissors, painters tape, writing utensils, rubber bands, plastic wrap, and tops to the jars if you have them.

2013 070

We were going to make glitter votives for Valentine’s Day!  I found this project on Pinterest and then found that it linked to Jen’s blog: Tatertots & Jello.  I loved her idea and the girls agreed to try it with me.  Below you’ll find the steps we took mixed with some tips we learned for ourselves along the way!

Step 1.
Choose one jar to start with.  Jen suggested using vinyl to cut out heart shapes and stick in the jars.  We forgot vinyl.  Oops!  But out of that forgetful moment came a brilliant idea (thanks Karla)!  Painters tape.  Most people have it around their houses and it’s pretty inexpensive to use.  Cut out shapes and stick it to the inside of your jar.  We got a bit creative with our shapes.  Besides the traditional hearts we had initials, arrows, and stripes!  I will say this is what we spent the most time on.  It’s really up to you and your cutting skills.

Tip- Remember that whatever you cut out needs to be stuck inside the jar meaning you’ll have to flip it over so the sticky side is against the glass.  Sounds simple, but we forgot a few times and had some backwards heart halves and even letters.

2013 073

Step 2.
Pour a bit of polyurethane in the jar and screw the top on or if there is no top, place a piece of plastic wrap secured with a rubber band over the opening.  Once the opening is covered, you can swirl the polyurethane around in the jar until the whole inside is coated.

2013 079

Step 3.
Remove the top and pour the excess polyurethane back into the can.

Tip- We learned on one of our first jars that if you do not pour out all the excess then once you add the glitter it will run down the sides of the jar.  Patience my dears!

Step 4.
Pour a good amount of glitter into the bottom of the jar.  Secure the top back on the jar or have a dry piece of plastic wrap ready to rubber band on your jar.  Shake that jar like a Polaroid picture!  Seriously shake the jar vigorously.  It’s the best way to get an even coat of glitter on the insides of the jar.

2013 0762013 075

Step 5.
Remove the covering on the jar so it can dry.  Move on to the next jar until you’ve completed them all.

Tip- We mixed some of our glitters to make multicolored jars.  I wasn’t sure how this would look, but these ended up being our favorite jars.

2013 078

Mixing Pink & Gold

2013 080

Jars are all glittered and drying!

Step 6.
We waited a few hours for our jars to dry and right before the girls left we checked to see how they were doing.  They were dry so we started peeling the tape from the jars to reveal the final product.  I would say this is the hardest part.  It will seem like you’ll never be able to get it out.  You have to use your fingernail to scratch glitter off the tape and find an edge you can peel.  I would say the hearts were the easiest to remove.

2013 082

Hopefully you can see how peeling is done from this picture

Some of our completed jars!

Some of our completed jars!

All in all it was a pretty easy project that was also inexpensive to do.  We already had almost everything.  In our case we only had to buy glitter.  Oh and Jen’s post does advise people to use flameless candles.  Someone commented and noted that when polyurethane dries it loses its flammable-ness.  I tried real candles and didn’t have a problem, but as always with candles, make sure they stay attended by an adult.


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