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Wedding Recap: Paper Projects! April 2, 2014

Our print materials for our wedding definitely evolved from the save the date to our invitations and programs. Our first print project together was our save the date cards. Getting engaged in the fall, we thought about waiting until Christmas to send out our save the date announcement. That way we could say Merry Christmas and save the date with one stamp!  We found a template on Shutterfly, plugged in our favorite engagement photos and lingo for a relatively inexpensive option. Especially due to all the coupons Shutterfly sends out.

The next print project was the invitations. Thankfully my matron of honor was a great resource. She had made all of her wedding invitations by hand and was a great inspiration to me and a creative soundboard. She sent me links to a few places to begin my paper hunt. First stop was PaperandMore, where I ordered countless samples of inserts, envelopes and invitations in a variety of colors including cream, white, gray, silver, and navy. My biggest recommendation is to order the samples because you can’t tell texture or true color on a monitor. After rounds of debating here is what we ordered:

For fun finishing touches on the invitations we utilized Cards and Pockets and Etsy. We had seen some cute uses of bellybands and stickers for closing the pocketfold invitation. But Matt and I wanted something different. Low and behold we found our favorite option at Cards and Pockets a monogram wax seal. I was extremely happy with what we purchased and I plan on using in the future. Who doesn’t like a wax seal?

Cards and Pockets

My matron of honor said the best time saver was the personalized address stamp. This way you don’t have to pay for a calligrapher or have your hand cramp doing all of the writing. Simply stamp away!


For the inserts, we bought white card stock from Staples and cut everything to size with a handy paper cutter. And yes, we printed everything at home. In college I took a few graphic design classes and thankfully have InDesign, so Matt and I were able to customize our look and create consistent elements (fonts, colors) that we used in various elements throughout the wedding. (More examples to come in the post about the reception!)

Here’s the final product!


Our wedding programs were another successful homemade print project. One of my friends did a similar layered program that I fell in love with. So I borrowed her idea :). To get the project started, I found yellow cardstock and thin navy ribbon at JoAnn Fabric. We used regular white printing paper for the inserts. We wrote the content and created the design with InDesign, all similar to our invitations. (Can you tell I work in Marketing – unified fonts, colors and elements please, it’s all about branding!)


If you’re down for a few paper cuts and have the time, consider make a few things for your wedding. Not only will you save a buck or two, but you’ll also appreciate what you make even more on your special day.

All in all, we spent just a little over $260 for everything for our invitations, including stamps. For the programs, thanks to gift cards, I think I ended up spending $5 out of pocket.  I’m so glad we decided to make a lot of our own items for the wedding. And the bulk of it got done thanks to our friends and family. We’re blessed with some crafty folks in our lives and if you didn’t like pizza, I think our fingers would have been in a lot worse shape!




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