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Meatloaf Muffins September 17, 2011

Last week upon leaving work, I was trying to think about what I should make for dinner.  Since work has been consuming my life lately, my creativity in cooking {or pretty much anything that occurs past 3 in the afternoon} has been stifled.  So I texted Jonathan to see what he had a taste for, and meatloaf was mentioned.  I thought, what a perfect time to try some meatloaf muffins!

Now, y’all know how intense my love for cupcakes is, and how cupcakes make me well…generally very happy.  Therefore, using my cupcake tin as the basis for an entire meal excited me.  I found a recipe from Rachel Ray online {it was the one with the best reviews}, and what really caught my eye about it was the sauce that you include both in the meatloaf muffins and as a garnish on top.  I’m a big fan of BBQ flavors with my meat, so naturally I gravitated toward this recipe. 

Baking...we can't wait!

I like my meatloaf with chunky veggies, so I avoided Rachel’s advice to blend or puree the onions and green peppers.  Instead, I just chopped them and mixed them in with my meat and additional ingredients.  At the end of the recipe is a recommended side dish of mashed potatoes made with vegetable cream cheese that looked yummy.  I decided instead of keeping the potatoes on the side, why not make them into a mashed potato frosting?! I enjoy mashed potatoes with the skins still in {red potatoes, of course}, so I opted to boil them with the skins on to add some color and texture to my ‘frosting.’

Ready to be 'frosted'

When all was said and done, the meatloaf muffins came out great and tasted pretty darn delicious.  It’s amazing what a simple twist of a classic can really spice up a weeknight dinner.  These will definitely be in my repertoire for future dinner favorites.

The finished product!


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