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Wine-Themed Wedding Shower June 29, 2013

A few weeks ago was round 2 of wedding showers for my friend Audrey (y’all saw me post round 1 and the “Royal Bacheloress” theme a few weeks ago).  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend because it was in Philly, which is a long and expensive plane ride from Denver, but I did help her mom and aunt with the theme from afar.

Seeing as the bride and groom both love wine (living in LA, they get to experience a lot of tasty wines in Cali), her mom and I thought wine would be appropriate for the woodsy house venue where the shower would be held.

We tried to up-cycle as much as we could…the bride’s mother and I both adore wine, so collecting bottles as vases for floral centerpieces was easy!  We went DIY on the rest of the decor.  We thought since it was a bit more rustic of a venue, doing things like burlap and twine accents might give the shower a more rustic-vineyard feel.  Check out some of our vineyard-inspired decor below…


Triangular cut burlap panels were sewn together on the edges and stenciled in black craft paint to make this cute sign


I stenciled the bride & groom’s initials onto the burlap table runners we used as part of the centerpieces


We bought votive holders and candles at the dollar store, adding printed burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby to get the same feel as the rest of our decor


This was our final centerpiece mock-up, which of course looked much prettier in the venue with real flowers!

So for our centerpieces, we ended up using saved corks and wine bottles, therefore only had to buy our votive holders, candles, printed burlap ribbon, and burlap fabric from craft stores.  For a couple who loves wine, this is the way to go!


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