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Shopping, Shopping, Shopping! December 19, 2010

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I don’t know about you, but I love this season. Not necessarily because of the snow or the happy, generous people or even because of the Christmas music. I love this season because it’s all about shopping. Let’s face it, Christmas isn’t really about Jesus or being with family anymore… it’s about getting presents! Ever heard that Christmas song with the lyrics, “It’s Christmas, so don’t stop spending… I want a million gifts this time, so don’t forget my Christmas gift tonight!”

I find myself going to the mall every weekend shopping for friends and family (and of course, buying a few gifts for myself because I “earned” them by braving the cold and crowds). There are people everywhere, walking, stopping in front of you, bumping into you and you’re sweating as you wear your coat in the crowded stores. Can you picture it? It’s magical. Ok, I’m being a bit facetious. Although, everything is on sale… sweaters, electronics, shoes… which makes me very excited.

I had the pleasure of going to Water Tower Place this past weekend to do some shopping for the future in-laws and spent hours with my obliging boyfriend searching for the perfect gifts. I do love to picture my giftees’ faces as they open our packages. Gift cards, slippers, games. I also got to pick out my Christmas present (jewelry, of course) from Eric (diamond earrings!). Guys have it so lucky… all we want is jewelry and maybe some opera tickets (or maybe that’s just me)… we have to find something to satisfy our guys that isn’t lame, boring, too expensive or something they hate. Me? I’m buying the bf an xbox and a pair of Oakley’s (if you’re looking for ideas).

Who doesn’t love a season full of shopping, sales and giving the people you love the perfect gift? I know I love it. And I do love the Christmas music and Jesus too.


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